Hollyoaks: Ste and Harry are homeless, plus fears grow for Jason

21-25 March 2016: Plus Alfie gets bad news at the hospital


Monday 21 March


Ste and Harry are chucked out of the McQueens’. Ste overhears Dirk talking to Jason about how empty his flat feels and is hit with a plan. However, in an effort to impress Dirk at The Emporium, he ends up costing him money. At The Bean, Ste and Harry hit the jackpot when Jack reveals he can’t repair the back door until tomorrow. Later, they pretend that they’ve fought off some burglars and Jack rewards them both with a place to stay that night. But when Ste thinks Harry is waiting for him in the shower and climbs in, he’s shocked to discover naked Jack trying to cover his modesty.

Louis accuses Joanne of abducting Lisa when she reveals some information that even ‘Lisa’ didn’t know. DS Thorpe marches over to Louis and Joanne who are in the middle of a heated argument and takes Louis to the station to calm down. Meanwhile, Jason is distracted by Holly and Robbie on one of their first outings together and DS Thorpe is worried that Jason’s personal life is affecting his work. Louis is released and tells Simone of his suspicions about Joanne abducting Lisa.

Holly is delighted when Robbie tells her he’s applied to go to the same university as her to study engineering. Dirk interrupts them as they’re about to start ‘celebrating’ and Jason is floored when he sees topless Robbie being thrown out into the village by Dirk. Jason covers to Joe that he’s fine but later makes a suspicious phone call.

Tuesday 22 March

Simone supports Louis’ claims that Joanne could have abducted Lisa. Ste offers to help out at Price Slice but again goes about it the wrong way. Meanwhile, Lisa goes to see Joanne and is horrified by what she finds.

He goes round to The Boarding House after Jack’s call about the ‘burglary’ and Ste is put on the spot. Holly asks Cindy to try and get Dirk to give Robbie a chance. Dirk agrees to go for lunch with Robbie at The Hutch but when they all arrive, Joe and Jason are there. Jason confronts Cindy, Dirk, Holly and Robbie.Esther visits Kim in prison and Kim asks her to visit Kath.

Wednesday 23 March

Ste and Harry have slept rough in The Folly. Grace offers them £50 to help find Curtis’s favourite toy that he’s lost. Ste cooks a family meal for the Roscoes to celebrate Jason passing his firearms fitness test, but little do they know that Jason didn’t turn up for the test.

Joe and Freddie are impressed with Ste and Harry’s efforts and, along with Robbie, they all wait for Jason to arrive. Meanwhile, Jason is getting drunk at The Dog and Tony takes him home. Ste asks whether he and Harry can stay at the Roscoes’ for a couple of nights as a thank you for the meal they’ve cooked, but Freddie says no. Jason gets home and storms straight upstairs, while it’s awkward between Tony and Harry. Guilty about what he’s putting Harry through, Ste wants Tony to ask Harry to come home.

Elsewhere, the Roscoes are worried by Jason’s behaviour and Robbie knows the only person who can get through to him is Holly, but will Jason listen?

Lisa tries to summon the courage to tell her parents the truth about her identity.Esther visits Kath and reads her favourite story to her. However, she’s alarmed by Kath’s scared reaction when she shows her a picture of Lindsey as a child.

Thursday 24 March

Rachel is burning with guilt about going behind the Nightingales’ backs to help Alfie and is worried about him getting his biopsy results today. With Rachel by his side, Alfie goes to the hospital and is floored to find out his Hodgkins Lymphoma has returned.

He makes Rachel promise not to tell anyone until she and Nathan have gone travelling. However, Cindy overhears Alfie talking to Jade. Ellie offers Cindy a charity beauty treatment but is furious when Marnie sabotages her. Despite her mother’s interference, Ellie raises £200 in memory of Ziggy.

Friday 25 March


Holly finds Robbie, who suggests that they leave for Edinburgh today!