Hollyoaks: has Grace killed Sienna? And will Nico poison Theresa?

7-11 March 2016: Plus Cameron catches Peri and Tom kissing


Monday 7 March


Cameron struggles to cheer Peri up when she fails her piano exam. He’s annoyed that Ste always seems to know the right thing to say. Ste and Leela plan a cheer-up party for Peri, which frustrates Cameron even more, until Ste tells Peri that it was her dad’s idea. Tom is the only one that can make it to the party. Leela and Ste encourage Cameron to go to The Loft with him, so the teens can be alone but Cameron doesn’t realise he’s leaving Peri and Tom on their own.

There’s tension between Trevor and Grace after he stayed out all night. Elsewhere, Sienna has dolled herself up for the day on the off chance she’ll bump into Trevor. Nico spikes a bottle of wine and plans to give it to Theresa… She’s annoyed when she has to have dialysis instead of being able to go to Peri’s party.

Theresa surprises Nico with her own two-person party at the hospital and Nico has a change of heart about killing her. However, back at the flat, Theresa drinks the wine and Nico panics when she collapses. Grace wants to help Trevor after researching PTSD but he keeps shutting her out. He goes to meet Sienna, while Grace is struggling to cope on her own at The Loft.

Fed up of walking into awkward situations with Diego and Myra, John Paul sets them a challenge to go 24 hours without having sex to see whether there’s more to their relationship. Diego accepts his challenge, but Myra is worried.

Tuesday 8 March

Diego makes Grace think that Trevor must be seeing another woman, so she decides to kill her love rival, whoever they may be. Meanwhile, Sienna is horrified when she finds out what Nico has done to Theresa and calls an ambulance. Nico is furious when she overhears her mum on the phone to Trevor saying that she needs help with Nico. Trevor listens to Sienna’s voicemail and rushes to help her but when he arrives on the jetty Grace is standing over Sienna’s lifeless body…

Tom and Peri are enjoying their time alone together playing video games and eating junk food. When Tom mentions baby Steph, he’s surprised when Peri reveals that she thinks about her all the time. Tom shows Peri pictures and videos of their baby and they kiss. Meanwhile, Tegan accidentally tells Cameron that Peri is alone with Tom. He storms round to the Lomaxes to find Peri and Tom kissing.

Myra and Diego are looking after Curtis when Diego suggests they should have their own baby one day.

Wednesday 9 March

Nico visits her mum in hospital. Meanwhile, the police question Trevor and he worries that forensics will find his DNA on Sienna’s body because of their fling. Elsewhere, Grace calls Trevor’s bluff and packs his bags. He agrees that it would be best for him to leave, but it’s not what she really wants.

John Paul is stunned by the news that Diego and Myra are thinking of having a baby.

Thursday 10 March

Peri wants to be friends with Tom again but he’s anxious about Cameron and pushes her away.Leela tells Ste and Cameron to learn to get along. However, Cameron discovers a bag of cocaine in a teapot. He plants it in Rose’s baby changing bag for Diane to find and all eyes are on Ste.

Trevor has slept at The Loft – a photo of Curtis on his phone makes him question his decision to leave Grace.

John Paul is developing feelings for Diego. Mrs St Claire overhears John Paul talking to Tom about not having a partner. She suggests she and John Paul go for lunch at The Hutch – does she have feelings for him? Mrs St Claire waits at The Hutch but John Paul goes for a jog with Diego instead. John Paul confides in Mrs St Claire that he’s lonely, so she invites him out for a drink.

Friday 11 March

Diego encourages John Paul to set up an online dating profile. Ste tries to plead his innocence but no one, not even Harry, believes him. He and Harry move out.


Darren hears about Tony’s money troubles and offers him gambling advice. Scott has his own money-making idea to be a children’s entertainer and dresses up as a clown.