Hollyoaks: Nico has a heart attack, while the Roscoes discover that Freddie is alive

8-12 February 2016: Plus Lindsey's secret is in danger of discovered


Monday 8 February


Lindsey realises that she dropped an earring at the scene of her latest attack. But as she back, DS Thorpe is handed the earring in an evidence bag… Kim is increasingly furious with Lindsey and pushes her when they get into an argument. Joe rushes over, worried about the ‘baby’ and Lindsey takes advantage, faking stomach pain. Kim knowingly pushes for Lindsey to be checked out at the hospital. Lindsey says no, but when someone offers up their home heartbeat kit, Lindsey is forced to give in..will she be found out?

Elsewhere, DS Thorpe is interrogating Freddie. However, when he refuses to talk, DS Thorpe lets him go to fend for himself. Lindsey’s world crumbles when Freddie calls… Meanwhile, Tegan is spooked by a visitor at the hospital.

Jason tries to persuade Holly not to go to Edinburgh Lothian University. Dirk fears that Jason is holding her back, so plans a Scottish surprise at The Dog to convince Holly to follow her dream. However, jealous Jason storms in and accuses Holly of cheating on him when he sees her chatting to Nathan.

Trevor, meanwhile continues to suffer with post-traumatic stress after Ben’s attack on him.

Tuesday 9 February

Lindsey tells Kim that Freddie is alive and goes to meet him armed with her kill kit. Meanwhile, Joe, Robbie and Jason are heading to the garage. They lift up the shutters and are stunned to see Freddie with Lindsey. Robbie and Jason are elated, but Joe is furious and wants Freddie to leave.

Trevor has had multiple locks and an alarm fitted at the flat. Unable to control the thoughts in his head, Trevor storms off, but bumps into Sienna who is carrying a colouring book and pencils. She suggests he have a go at colouring to calm him down.

Wednesday 10 February

Freddie has slept on the couch in The Dog flat but is caught by Mac. Meanwhile, Lindsey puts her name on someone else’s ultrasound scan picture. Jason is angry at Joe for sending Freddie away. Elsewhere, Ellie is developing feelings for Freddie.

Ben is nervous about his disciplinary today. Nico is ill but has to do a book report at school. She hasn’t prepared so Alfie gives her a blue tooth headset so he can feed information about the book to her during her presentation. Meanwhile, Ben has been demoted to PC.

Trevor confronts Darren about his attack, but there’s crossed wires when Darren thinks he’s angry about his fling with Grace. Trevor bumps into Freddie. He realises that if the police are capable of framing him for murder, then they could have attacked him. 

Thursday 11 February

Trevor goes after Ben, convinced he’s the one who attacked him. Meanwhile, Ben is reluctantly doing a road safety talk at the school, where Nico is feeling increasingly ill. At school, Trevor squares up to Ben, but panic descends when Nico has a heart attack. Ben thinks Trevor is to blame and wants revenge…

John Paul is concerned when Cleo tells him she hasn’t done her coursework yet – she has other things on her mind. She gets an essay from the internet and John Paul covers for her.

The Lovedays are looking forward to watching Zack’s first football game after Wayne’s attack. However, Joanne reminds Simone about her presentation for the law firm partners today. Simone frantically types up an opening statement and gives it to Joanne, but it conveniently gets lost. Simone has to make a choice between work and Zack’s game…

When Ellie tells Freddie that she like rugby players, he playfully pulls her to the ground. Lindsey is annoyed when she sees them both half naked at the Roscoes’ – does she still love Freddie?

Friday 12 February

Ben and Trevor are alone in The Loft – Ben with a gun pointed at his nemesis. Sienna hears a gun shot from outside and arrives to find Trevor face down on the floor.

Joanne pretends to Louis that her boiler has burst and asks if she can stay. She puts on one of Louis’ shirts with nothing much else. Joanne and Louis are caught enjoying prosecco and oysters together.


Meanwhile, Diane comforts upset Cleo, who ends up asking for a job at The Hutch.