Hollyoaks: Jason proposes to Holly and embarrasses Nico

30 November-4 December 2015: Plus Ziggy tells Leela that he’s in love with Tegan

Monday 30 November


Louis is stressed about Joanne and takes it out on Simone. Joanne tells Louis that she’s leaving and asks him to meet her for coffee to say goodbye. However, when Louis gives her the wrong impression about them, she’s left thinking they could have a future. Elsewhere, Theresa tells Lisa that her secret is safe, for now…Joanne decides to stay and starts looking for flats in Chester.

It’s Leela’s birthday and Tegan is jealous as Ziggy treats his wife. However, Leela is suspicious of Tegan and swipes her phone. Leela tells Ste that she’s going to get proof that Tegan and Ziggy are in love.

Mac tells Ellie about Alfie’s collapse and is concerned when he realises his son has gone awol. Ellie finds her brother at the coffee shop – he’s convinced he’s got Cancer. Tegan gives Alfie advice based on her own experience and suggests he make a vlog about what he’s going through. Tegan tells Ziggy that nothing can ever happen between them.

Ellie has spotted their awkwardness and tells Tegan to make a list of ’10 things I hate about Ziggy’ to get over him, while Ziggy tells Robbie that he can’t stop thinking about Tegan. At the hospital, Tegan is delighted to tell Alfie that he doesn’t have Cancer. Leela is drunk at her party in The Dog and announces to her guests that her and Ziggy are going to start trying for a baby. Ziggy can’t cope and accidentally tells everyone that he’s in love with Tegan.

As soon as Jason is out of the way, Holly texts Robbie. Later, she meets Jason in the coffee shop where he is sat with Nico. Nico burns with jealousy, has Holly made a dangerous new enemy?

Tuesday 1 December

Leela is like a raging bull at the Lomaxes, while Tegan and Ziggy are at the Roscoe’s wondering what to do next. Tegan goes to speak to Leela and is conflicted when Leela makes her choose between her and Ziggy. Elsewhere, Celine goes to an appointment to discuss her eating disorder. Cameron finds her and wants to prove to her how much he loves her. Meanwhile, Peri finds Tegan’s list of ’10 things I hate about Ziggy’, will she show it to him? Leela decides to get her man and kisses Cameron! But fragile Celine has seen.

Mrs St Claire is in a foul mood about the school’s latest results and decides to cancel the Christmas party, much to Nancy and John Paul’s dismay. Mrs St Claire tells John Paul that if he helps her with some filing after school, the kids will get their party. As he’s moving boxes, he finds one of Mrs St Claire’s personal documents and is surprised at what he finds…

Nico is ‘conveniently’ in the right place at the right time when Holly stands Jason up for lunch. Elsewhere, Robbie makes a promise to Holly that before Christmas they’re going to go to a hotel. As he searches for a cheap hotel, Jason is looking at expensive engagement rings…

Wednesday 2 December

Nico spots Jason buying flowers. She thinks the flowers are for her but he surprises Holly with them at school. Jason is struck with another idea when he notices the poster for the Christmas party. Alfie has seen Jason’s gesture and Nico is delighted when she finds the exact same bunch of flowers in her locker and thinks they’re from Jason, but they’re from Alfie.

Alfie greets Nico when she turns up at the Christmas party with Tom, but she ignores him, looking for Jason. Jason stops the music and tells the crowd he’s going to propose to his ‘special girl’. Nico thinks he’s proposing to her and says “yes”, then realises that Holly is stood behind her… Robbie and Alfie watch the events unfold with jealousy. Peri turns up at the party to see Tom but Tom is confused when she leaves straight away. Later, Holly gets home and is horrified that her moisturiser has been replaced with a tub of worms.

Leela’s heart skips a beat when Cameron invites her for lunch but Celine is there and the girls lock horns. Ziggy is drunk at The Dog wondering whether to call Tegan. Ellie clearly fancies him and gets him a drink on the house. Ste and John Paul give Tegan advice about Ziggy but when she goes to find him she’s heart-broken at what she discovers.

Mrs St Claire asks John Paul not to tell anyone about what he’s found but thinks he’s gone back on his word when she sees him talking to Nancy.

Thursday 3 December

Holly thinks jealous Robbie put the worms in her face cream and goes round to confront him. She later finds two dolls in her locker that look like her and Jason, but the female doll has had her head ripped off. Robbie goes to the flat with Holly to make sure she’s safe. They’re ripping each other’s clothes off when Jason arrivesand opens the doorLater, at school, Nico overhears Holly on the phone to Robbie…

Patrick transfers all his money into Maxine’s account and records a message lying that he’s being forced to do it. He makes a show of not being able to cope when he’s in Price Slice in front of Jason. Later, Patrick calls Jason to come over. Jason finds Patrick on the floor covered in soup and questions whether Maxine is neglecting him.

Mrs St. Claire is coming down hard on John Paul, thinking he’s told Nancy her secret. She demands that his class get their coursework in early, so John Paul asks Ste for help. Mrs St Claire bursts into The Hutch where John Paul’s class are doing a review of Ste’s food for their coursework.

Tegan is asleep and doesn’t hear Ziggy knocking on the front door. Ste wakes her up and Ziggy tries to apologise.

Friday 4 December

Nico decides to tell Jason about Holly’s affair and plants a napkin under his coffee cup at The Bean, which reads “Holly is cheating on you.” Jason goes to Holly’s and sees a hooded figure trashing the flat. They push past him but send him flying into the leg of the kitchen table and he falls awkwardly on his shoulder. Holly rushes in after Jason and is alarmed to find him crying out in pain.

Maxine is curious when she arrives home to find an estate agent measuring up the flat. Patrick explains he just wants to know how much it’s worth so Sienna and Nico will be provided for. He’s delighted when worried Jason comes round and asks how he is – convinced Patrick is being neglected. Patrick is keen to get rid of Maxine after arranging a meeting with his solicitor to sign the flat over to her, and is further alarmed when his solicitor tells him Maxine will have to sign the papers too.


Harry is jealous when Ste invites John Paul over for dinner. Ste makes an effort and sets up a candlelit table in the Lomaxes’ living room.