Hollyoaks: is Lindsey going to kill again? Plus the McQueens are surprised by the arrival of a familiar face

9-13 November 2015: And the police turn up at Cindy's flat with a search warrant

Monday 9 November


Esther doesn’t believe Trevor is the Gloved Hand Killer and urges Grace to go and speak to him in prison, but Grace wants to keep her distance. Meanwhile, the Gloved Hand breaks into Grace and Trevor’s flat and plants the pictures of their victims in the freezer.

Charlie sees the Gloved Hand as they come down the City Steps and calls out to Nancy, but doesn’t tell her what’s wrong.Elsewhere, Grace visits Trevor and is torn when he begs her to believe he didn’t kill any of the hospital patients. Charlie finds himself alone with the Gloved Hand at Esther’s Magic Bean. The Gloved Hand manipulates him into telling Nancy that he saw Trevor killing Dr S’Avage.

Theresa bumps into Harry and Tony at Price Slice and with John Paul’s disciplinary at the school looming, tells them exactly what she thinks of them. John Paul begs Harry to tell the truth that they weren’t seeing each other but Tony is furious when he finds out about their kiss. John Paul, Tony and Harry all face Mrs St. Claire but when Harry storms out, Mrs St Claire is left with no other option but to sack John Paul.

Elsewhere, Lisa tries to convince Theresa not to do anymore photo shoots but she needs the money to help her family. Theresa prepares to do the naked photo shoot, while Zack prepares a meal for Theresa with a worried Lisa watching on.

Tuesday 10 November

The police turn up at Cindy’s flat with a search warrant. Holly panics that the video of Robbie declaring his love for her is still on Dr S’Avage’s laptop and tells Robbie to get to it before the police and Jason do. Meanwhile, Ben arrives at The Boarding House to speak with Charlie, who confirms that he saw Trevor killing Dr S’Avage. Grace is at the police station demanding that Trevor is released but when Ben tells her about the new witness and she sees the Osbornes, she’s furious.

Elsewhere, Robbie puts on Jason’s police uniform, to get the laptop back for Holly. He goes to Cindy’s flat and signs out the laptop under Jason’s name. Grace turns up at The Boarding House drunk and asks Esther for help with Curtis. However, when Esther goes upstairs, Grace snaps out of her act and starts looking for the police folder that Ben gave the Osbornes earlier. Charlie sees her and Grace offers to take him on a ‘little trip’.

Theresa apologises to Zack for standing him up but Lisa knows that she was doing the photo shoot. Lisa poses as Theresa’s agent and steals the USB stick from Shaun with Theresa’s photos on. However, Shaun tracks them down and Zack overhears what’s happened.

Harry gets into a fight with Kyle and they’re hauled into Mrs St Claire’s office.

Wednesday 11 November

Grace takes Charlie to her flat to get answers but the Gloved Hand is right behind her…Lisa lies that she was the one having her photo taken by Shaun. Theresa is grateful, but now has to fix things between Lisa and furious Zack.

Jason finds Robbie with the laptop. Robbie asks Holly why she kept that video…

Tony turns up at the school and prompts Harry to make a decision about his future once and for all. Ste tells John Paul that his CD4 count is low and he needs to go on medication. John Paul urges Ste to confide in Harry, if he wants a proper relationship with him. 

John Paul is worried that Ste isn’t taking his recent results seriously and goes to find Tony.

Thursday 12 November

Ben tells Jason that they need to examine the bodies of the Gloved Hand’s victims, which means digging up Rick’s grave. Jason remembers him and Joe burying the gun there that was used to shoot Phoebe. He asks Holly to get the gun before the police do. She finds the gun just as Ben arrives. 

Ste tells Harry about his CD4 count and then turns up at Harry’s 18th birthday party in The Loft, conscious of Tony watching them.

Friday 13 November

The McQueens are surprised by the arrival of a familiar face. Meanwhile, Cleo is pushing Pete to tell Reenie about them as her mum gets more excited about her wedding. 


Elsewhere, Joe returns to the Roscoe’s and wants to give him and Mercedes another go.