Hollyoaks: Theresa does a sexy photo shoot, while Mercedes fears for her unborn baby

2-6 November 2015: Plus Nancy is concerned about Charlie’s behaviour

Monday 2 November


Sienna is determined to prove that Maxine is taking her dad for a fool. Patrick doesn’t believe a word of it and tells Sienna that he trusts Maxine because she’s going to help him die. Sienna is boiling with anger and tells her dad that Maxine still wants to be with Darren. He still doesn’t believe her until he overhears Maxine talking to Darren at the flat, while they think he’s sleeping. Patrick is furious but keeps his temper in check. He arrives at his tribute concert at the school and Sienna is frustrated to see Maxine by her father’s side again. Patrick reassures Sienna that he’ll deal with Maxine in his own way…

Alfie introduces himself to Nico, she allows him to follow her to school but doesn’t want to make friends anytime soon. However, she changes her mind when Alfie introduces her to his pet lizard, ‘Jub-Jub’. Nico hits on a plan and persuades Alfie to take Jub-Jub to school, but they panic when he goes missing! Alfie is embarrassed when Jub-Jub makes a guest appearance at Patrick’s tribute concert. Nathan tells Sienna and Ben to keep Nico away from Alfie – she’s a bad influence.

Mercedes is stomping around the McQueen’s like a bear with a sore head. Cameron and Celine are gobsmacked when Mercedes dolls herself up and heads out to The Tugboat. Lockie and Mercedes kiss and they’re both annoyed when Cameron and Celine turn up. Mercedes is offended by some of Lockie’s comments towards her and storms out, straight into Joe’s arms. But Lockie has spotted it and won’t let her use him.

Nancy books Charlie an appointment with a child psychiatrist, both her and Darren hoping they get to the bottom of his strange behaviour. However, Nancy is furious when Darren forgets to take Charlie while she’s at Patrick’s tribute concert.

Tuesday 3 November

Jason starts to wonder whether Cindy is right about a killer at the hospital so Ben promises to speak to the superintendent about it. Elsewhere, Lockie tells Joe what he and Mercedes got up to yesterday. Mercedes lies that she was with John Paul all day but Joe finds out the truth. He tells Mercedes it’s over and she retaliates by lying that he’s not the father of her baby. At home, Mercedes confides to John Paul about something else that’s been on her mind…

Alfie thinks his family has forgotten his ‘adoption anniversary’ but they’re playing along to give him a surprise later. He wants to impress Nico so tells her that he’s got a load of fireworks that they can set off at lunchtime. However, it doesn’t go to plan when a spark ignites all the fireworks in the crate and Jason has to come to the rescue… After speaking to Nico about Dylan, Jason is even more determined to find out what’s happening at the hospital. Ben tells him that the super isn’t going to investigate further, so Jason starts his own investigation…

Sienna overhears Patrick arranging a meeting with his solicitor to amend his will and is stunned when her dad tells her what he’s planning.

Wednesday 4 November

Alfie still thinks his family has forgotten his special day and resigns himself to spending the night alone with Jub-Jub. However, he’s delighted when he gets home and his family surprises him.

Elsewhere, Joe is heartbroken over the news that he’s not the father of Mercedes’ baby and decides to get away from the village for a while. Meanwhile, John Paul and Mercedes decide to get answers.

Thursday 5 November

Theresa and Zack get closer and kiss. Lisa walks in on them half-naked on the floor of The Tugboat and asks them to leave – her heart breaking now she’s fallen for her fake brother. Zack brags to Kyle about his morning with Theresa but Kyle swipes Zack’s phone, which has a picture of Theresa on it from earlier. Lisa gets the phone back and sends the photo viral when Theresa pushes her too far. Lockie and Mercedes clash again, but has he taken it too far this time?

Sienna asks Patrick whether he wants to spend what little time he has left being bitter and vengeful. Maxine tells Patrick that she’s standing by him and just wants Minnie to have nice memories of them as a family. Has she done enough to save herself from Patrick’s plan?

After being rescued by Jason yesterday, Nico is developing a crush on the policeman. Jason goes to the hospital and searches the locker room to find clues about the suspected killer. Later, Nico goes to the Roscoe’s and sees Jason’s evidence board and questions what he’s doing.

Friday 6 November

Theresa is furious when she realises her photo has been posted online. She tells Zack to get it taken down or they’re over. Theresa is being plagued by more photo comments online when one catches her eye, offering her money to do a photo shoot. She meets with Shaun, while Lisa feels guilty and takes the photo down. Theresa does a bikini shoot and Shaun offers her more money if she takes more clothes off. When she has an argument with Lisa, she decides to call Shaun again.

Nico confides in Alfie that she’s going to get answers about the Gloved Hand Killer and heads to the hospital, but is she walking into danger? Ben has a fight on his hands when more villagers hear about there being a killer amongst them and along with Thorpe concedes to investigate further.


Lockie tries to apologise to Mercedes but is it too little too late?