Hollyoaks reveals that Freddie Roscoe is still alive!

So, the Gloved Hand Killer didn't do away with Charlie Clapham's character after all

Hollyoaks’s 20th anniversary episodes have seen more twists than a shelf-load of Agatha Christie novels, the latest being that Freddie Roscoe (Charlie Clapham) is actually still alive!


Fans thought that Gloved Hand Killer Lindsey Butterfield (Sophie Austin) ‘murder’ Freddie earlier in the week. But all was not what it seemed…

Lindsey and her sister Kim stashed Freddie’s body in the boot of Trevor Royle’s car, just before he and Grace Black did a flit for a new life in Paris.

When the police caught up with the pair of them and opened the boot, Freddie’s ‘dead’ body was revealed. But just as Trevor and Grace were led away, DS Thorpe noticed Freddie’s hand move…

A spokesperson for the Channel 4 soap confirmed that Freddie is alive but would not reveal what, if anything, he will remember about the attempt on his life.

A source said: “The police believe they have a vital piece of evidence in their witness Freddie but what he remembers about Lindsey’s attack only time will tell.”


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