Hollyoaks 20th anniversary episode details: more Gloved Hand deaths, Gay Pride and an underwater battle for the Roscoes

All this and James Redmond returns as Finn!

Monday 19 October


Tony declares ‘Hollyoaks Pride’ open with a fanfare of fireworks and fancy dress. He is startled when Scott turns up wearing a Tony mask, which he’s selling on his ‘Man behind the Mask’ stall. Meanwhile, John Paul wonders if he should tell Tony about Harry’s ‘obsession’ with him, and Holly tells Cindy that she hopes Ashley dies after what she did to her.

Celine figures out that John Paul is still in love with Ste, but John Paul is stunned when he sees Ste and Harry together. Tony takes to the stage and thanks everyone who has helped with Hollyoaks Pride. He calls Ste to the stage, but he’s nowhere to be seen.

Mercedes and Freddie prepare to flee to Valencia. Freddie realises Mercedes hasn’t told Joe and they’re rumbled when Joe overhears their hushed conversation. Mercedes and Freddie tell him they’re going as friends and Mercedes breaks Joe’s heart by saying it would never have worked between them.

Trevor has packed his bags ready for a new life away from Hollyoaks with Grace and Curtis. He’s unaware that Grace and Robbie are working together to destroy him. Grace goads Trevor into going to find Robbie. He turns up at the garage and tells Robbie about Jason grassing on him. Trevor punches Robbie in the gut, prompting Robbie to tell him that he’s working with Grace so she can run off with Curtis.

Trevor returns to the flat and explodes with rage when Grace is missing and he realises Robbie was right. Freddie suggests Robbie leaves with him and Mercedes to escape Trevor. Outside the garage, Joe comes to say goodbye to Freddie and tells him to look after Mercedes and their baby. Elsewhere, Robbie says goodbye to Holly, but Trevor is watching him – armed with a gun.

Ashley has had a haemorrhage. Ben has been at her bed side all night and asks the doctor to call him if she wakes up. Meanwhile, Sienna and Nico are on pins waiting for Ashley to wake up in case she tells Ben that they killed Carly. Sienna urges Dr S’Avage to find a way to keep Ashley quiet. Dr S’Avage sets up CCTV in Ashley’s room so he can see when she wakes up. He misses the moment and Ashley leaves a voicemail for Ben.

Tuesday 20 October

Dr S’Avage is shocked when he finds out who the Gloved Hand is after their first murder of the week… He races to tell Ben and calls Cindy with the Gloved Hand in pursuit. Elsewhere, Robbie urges Holly to say she loves him. Trevor is moments from getting Robbie, but Jason pushes him away. Trevor pursues the twins and fires a shot at them in the middle of Pride but with the Gloved Hand nearby will Trevor help to secure their second victim of the week?

Meanwhile, Mercedes is torn over what to do, but decides there’s only one answer… Robbie and Jason run away from Trevor into the car park and jump into Freddie’s car. Trevor steals a car and chases after them. 

Trevor is still chasing Freddie, Jason and Robbie. They’re relieved when they reach a bridge and Trevor seems to slow down, until they realise the road ahead is blocked. The brothers get out of the car and are faced with a life or death situation to escape Trevor. They jump off the viaduct into the water below, as stunned Trevor watches. He can’t see them in the water and, satisfied they’re dead, makes his way back to the car.

Freddie and Robbie re-surface, but Jason is nowhere to be seen. They spot him on the bank but are swept away in the rapids trying to reach him. Jason tries to help but is carried away with the current too. Jason is alarmed when he sees they’re all heading for a storm drain. The brothers get sucked in and are trapped.

Wednesday 21 October

Cindy, Dirk, Sienna, Tony and Diane unite in grief at the devastated site of Hollyoaks Pride. Dirk thinks Cindy is having a manic episode when she continues to talk about the hospital serial killer. She goes to see DS Thorpe and is stunned when he seems to be taking her seriously. DS Thorpe goes to the hospital and speaks to a panicked Lindsey and Kim. A pair of gloved hands push a casket into a crematorium van and it drives away. Who is in the casket and who is trying to cover their tracks?

Freddie tries to make an escape route from the storm drain but fails, how are they going to get out? Water starts pouring into the storm drain – they need to get out now but Robbie is separated from his brothers in another chamber and is too scared to swim under the water. Freddie makes a daring attempt to save him but will he put his own life in danger? Jason manages to make an escape and calls for help. An ambulance arrives at the hospital but who has survived?

Elsewhere, Ben uses Grace as bait to snare Trevor. Diane decides to live for the moment and asks Tony to renew their wedding vows. They agree to do it tomorrow – on Ant, Rose and Dee Dee’s birthday.

Thursday 22 October

Diane and Tony are excited for the day ahead, hoping everything will be perfect. Tegan tells Diane in a heart-breaking speech that she’s ripped her family apart by keeping her away from Rose.

Kim is on edge and tells Tegan and Celine they should back each other up. Kim is concerned by Lindsey’s frantic state following the latest news about Freddie and tells her she’d do anything for her… Grace catches up with a panicked Kim, who tries to tell Grace about the terrible things she’s done. The Gloved Hand enters the room of their third victim of the week.

Esther is surprised to hear that Grace is helping the police. Grace tries to convince Esther to give her another chance to be a mum to Curtis.

Jack is hiding something from Darren. Darren’s curious when his dad starts giving away free drinks and Jack is forced to tell him that their debts have spiralled out of control and he’s sold the pub.

Friday 23 October

The Gloved Hand makes a desperate decision to cover their tracks.

The Osbornes are furious that Jack has sold their home, but his decision is final. Tony is surprised when his old friend, Finn (James Redmond) arrives. Tony and Diane renew their vows. Later, Jack tells his family that he’s put an offer in on the Boarding House, which would mean they’re debt free.

Tony walks around the pub, greeting his guests and loving his life in Hollyoaks. Cindy is shocked when her secret husband, Mac and his kids, Ellie and Nathan turn up to reveal they’re the new owners of The Dog.


Grace is panicked when Trevor grabs her at the hospital and drags her into Dr S’Avage’s office. He tells her that despite everything, he still loves her. Ben sees Grace in the corridor and she lies that Trevor isn’t coming back. She gets in the car but Trevor is waiting for her, ready to start a new life. They’re on their way to Paris when the police pull them over. DS Thorpe asks Trevor to open the boot and Trevor is arrested.