Hollyoaks: Sienna’s life hangs in the balance, while Dirk gets suspicious of Cindy’s secret phone calls

5-9 October: Plus Peri leaves her baby on Angela’s doorstep. And Lisa sees Zack and Theresa kissing

 Monday 5 October


Dr S’Avage tells Cindy that the strand of hair they found in the Gloved Hand’s locker belongs to Tegan. He asks for Tegan’s ID and locker key, but she’s not going down without a fight. The Gloved Hand sets their sights on their next victim…

Tom has been getting a hard time from some of his classmates about being a dad and his heart sinks when Peri brings their baby into school.

Maxine has arranged with Dr S’Avage to get Patrick a wheelchair. He tells S’Avage to stay out of his business, but is this him trying to avoid the inevitable? He trips over in the school yard in front of some pupils and is further embarrassed when Louis fetches his wheelchair, which Maxine has brought into school for him. Patrick takes his humiliation out on Louis.

Zack is planning his eighteenth birthday party and sets his sights on Theresa as his date. He dresses up and tries to charm her but she’s having none of his smooth talk.

Tuesday 6 October

Tom’s bullying continues but he tells Peri that he’s not going to let the tormenters win. At school, Tom accuses Zack of leaving photo-shopped pictures in his bag and starts a fight. Peri explains that she’s struggling and Jack encourages her to be patient, but left alone with her daughter, Peri crumbles.

Louis has had enough of Patrick undermining him and stands up for himself, but he may have pushed the demon headmaster too far…

Theresa agrees to go out with Zack. Lisa watches Zack and Theresa’s date and it seems like they’re getting on well.

Dr S’Avage is cornered by Lindsey and Kim in the drugs cupboard and asks them to help him with the Hollyoaks Pride festival. Cindy sets up a hidden camera in the drugs store and waits for the Gloved Hand to be unmasked.

Wednesday 7 October

The Osbornes prepare for the christening and Peri paints on a smile. She takes her daughter for a walk but heads straight to The Brown’s house and leaves her on the doorstep. Peri watches as Angela scoops the baby into her arms. Jack, Tom and Nancy wonder were Peri has gone, concerned they’ll be late for the christening. However, Peri has gone into school and takes a seat next to confused Nico. Jack calls the police.

Patrick tries to drink his coffee but his leg buckles and he spills it all over himself. Louis offers to help, but embarrassed Patrick orders him to leave. Meanwhile, Sienna and Maxine pull together. Maxine gets a call about Patrick’s accident and takes him some fresh clothes. They both try to contain their emotions as Maxine dresses him. She leaves and Patrick tries to walk across the office unaided, but collapses again.

Peri walks past and asks if he needs any help. He roars at her to leave him alone, which makes her cry.Feeling guilty, Patrick invites her into his office and she tells him about giving her daughter away. The pair bonds and Patrick plays her his favourite record. Peri tells Patrick to take control and helps him into his wheelchair. At home, Patrick tells Maxine that he wants her to help him die.

Thursday 8 October

It’s Zack’s 18th birthday. Lisa organises a surprise party on the boat for Zack. Theresa and Reenie gate crash the party and Zack watches Theresa wistfully. Simone and Louis try to teach Lisa the electric slide dance, and Jade notices that Lisa fancies Zack when he takes his top off. Out to cause trouble, Jade calls Lisa by her real name – Sonia, but has anyone heard?

Ben prepares for Carly’s funeral and Sienna worries that this could be a breaking point for Nico. Carly’s hearse arrives in the village and so does Ben’s ex-wife, Sadie. Sienna and Nico bubble with jealousy. They have nothing to worry about when Ben lashes out at Sadie, asking why she’s there after she abandoned Carly. Sadie follows Sienna to the bathroom at The Dog and tells her she’s getting Ben back. Nico overhears and launches at Sadie. Sienna pulls her away and Sadie uses emotional blackmail to get closer to Ben.

Sienna sees Ben and Sadie together and Ben reveals that he’s moving back in with Sadie but only to reconnect with his sons. Sienna is furious and pushes Ben away. Furious at her mother, Nico locks Sienna in the bedroom and sets the sofa on fire, unaware Maxine and Patrick are also sleeping in the next room. Is she about to kill her whole family?

Jack asks Reenie to help out at The Dog today and is conned into giving Reenie and Pete their wedding meal for free as payment. Cleo storms off, angry that Pete and Reenie’s wedding is still going ahead. Pete tries to convince her that she’s the one he loves.

Friday 9 October

Frantic Nico finds Ben and tells him about the fire and that her mum’s trapped. Maxine and Patrick escape, but Patrick is frustrated that he can’t help his daughter. Ben arrives and storms into the flat. Nico panics that her plan has backfired when Sienna and Ben emerge, but her mum isn’t breathing.

Lisa tries to convince Jade that they can both be happy here but if she can’t keep her mouth shut, then she needs to leave. Theresa tries to steal from the till on the boat but Lisa catches her. However, Theresa turns it round so it looks like Lisa is stealing and Lockie sacks her. Meanwhile, Pete has been rejected by Cleo andspots a vulnerable looking Jade…


Lisa is heartbroken when she spots Zack and Theresa snogging in the alleyway.