Hollyoaks: Cindy uncovers the Gloved Hand Killer’s locker, plus Dirk attacks Trevor

28 September-2 October: And Ziggy dances in the middle of club-goers, not realising he’s at a gay bar

Monday 28 September


Diane is sure that Tony is poisoning her and worries Scott with her irrational behaviour. Scott goes to find Tegan to ask her to check on Diane but spots Ste outside the florist buying flowers. He wonders whether Ste is secretly dating someone and asks whether he’s the reason Sinead left – not because she had an affair. Diane starts to think that Tegan is the one poisoning her instead. She marches up to Tegan in the village and grabs her handbag, but can’t find the poison. Tony pulls Diane away. She sets up a camcorder in the kitchen but collapses in the process.

Ste is worried after Scott’s questions about his secret man and tries to avoid seeing Harry. Harry catches up with him later and Ste tries to convince him that they need to be careful. They talk down the alleyway and as Harry takes Ste’s hand and looks like he’s about to kiss him, Tony approaches…

Leela begs Dr Savage not to tell Ziggy that she was never pregnant. Tegan goes to see Leela and snaps at her for what she’s caused giving Rose away and lying to Ziggy. Meanwhile, Ziggy asks Dr S’Avage if he can have another copy of his and Leela’s baby scan photo.

Robbie is worried about Holly but she won’t let him help her. He begrudgingly goes to Jason and asks him to keep an eye on her.

Tuesday 29 September

Diane is in hospital with a worried Scott and Tony by her side. Dr S’Avage confirms that someone has been poisoning Diane. Diane accuses Tegan again and says she’s got proof. Tony tells Ste about the hidden camera that Diane planted and Ste panics that it will have filmed him kissing Harry. Tony arrives back at the hospital and hands the camera to Diane.

Leela gets drunk again and clashes with Trevor. Ste tells Harry they need to cool off for a while, but is worried about what scorned Harry might do. Tony asks Ste to chaperone him to a gay bar so he can hand out flyers for Hollyoaks Pride. Ste is surprised to see Harry there, while Tony arrives with Ziggy, who has been invited under false pretences and thinks he’s at a gentleman’s club.

Ste and Harry hide in the toilets but Tony is looking for Ste and opens one of the cubicle doors to find a sheepish Ste and Harry inside… Meanwhile, Ziggy is a big hit with the rest of the club-goers, still unaware he’s at a gay bar.

Cindy questions why Holly shouted Trevor’s name in her sleep. Holly tells her mum he owes her money for babysitting Curtis, so Cindy goes to confront Trevor. Trevor is worried that Holly is close to blabbing about the kidnap and goes to see her at school. Cindy is suspicious when she turns up to give Holly her coursework and sees her and Trevor walking away from each other. She asks Holly whether Trevor is threatening her and later, Holly smashes Trevor’s windscreen.

Wednesday 30 September

Tony drags his son out of the club. Tony announces that he’s going to send Harry back to boarding school. Scott takes Rose to see Tegan, but Tegan is heartbroken when Rose doesn’t recognise her as her mum. Meanwhile, Ste tells Harry that maybe it’s better if they have some distance between them.

Robbie finds a fearful Holly stood by Trevor’s smashed up car and drags her away. Jason arrives at the garage where Robbie and Holly are hiding. He’s frustrated that Robbie got to Holly first and deals a few blows to the punch bag in frustration. Elsewhere, Trevor thinks Leela is to blame for his smashed up car and marches her out of the pub. Ziggy arrives and tells Trevor he’ll fix the windscreen for free. Trevor drives his car into the garage and is met by a terrified Holly with Jason and Robbie.

Thursday 1 October

Tegan finds out that Celine has been writing to Cameron.

Harry is now resolute about going back to boarding school. John Paul can see something is wrong with Ste and encourages him to do what makes him happy. Tony launches Hollyoaks Gay Pride at The Hutch, while Ste finds Harry and asks him to come back to Hollyoaks.

Kyle meets Holly in the school yard and gives her a pill. Robbie finds her stumbling around the car park and panics when she collapses. Dirk and Cindy are horrified to hear Holly has taken drugs. Cindy leaves Holly to rest and sneaks into the privacy of the hospital locker room to recover from the day’s drama. She hides when Celine comes in. When the coast is clear, Cindy makes her escape but sends one of the lockers crashing to the floor. She’s confused when the contents fall out, revealing newspaper cuttings and pictures of the Gloved Hand’s victims…

Friday 2 October

Cindy warns Dirk to stay away from Trevor. He calls Ben instead and blames Trevor for Holly’s drug taking. At the hospital, Cindy goes back to look in the locker but it’s been emptied. Dr S’Avage finds her and questions what she’s up to. She tells him about the shrine and he pales. He tells her to go back to Holly before security finds her. Cindy makes a scene in the corridor, demanding that Holly is discharged, so Dr S’Avage pulls her into his office. He agrees with her that something suspicious is going on.

Dr S’Avage promises to help her find out whether someone is killing patients. They go to the empty locker and Dr S’Avage spots a stray hair. He orders a random drugs test among his staff but later, Celine swaps the labels on the DNA samples to cover her secret…


Dirk jumps Trevor at the club. Jack urges Peri to pick a name for the baby. Peri is struggling with her new role, while Tom and Jade head off to school like normal teenagers. Peri leaves Jack with the baby and turns up at school. She tries to get Tom to bunk off but he says no.