Hollyoaks: Pete cosies up to Cleo, while Tony launches the Gay Pride event

21-25 September: Plus Reenie unleashes her fury with Nana and Derek

Monday 21 September


Freddie is panicked when Mercedes decides she’s going to tell Lindsey what happened last night. Meanwhile, Lindsey storms round to the hospital to confront the radiologist who did JJ’s scan. Kim stops Lindsey just in time and makes her question her marriage to Freddie. Mercedes texts Freddie, but Joe sees the message and Mercedes tells him what happened. Kim’s disappointed when Lindsey apologises to Freddie. Elsewhere, Joe punches Freddie and their argument is witnessed by Kim. She rummages through Mercedes’ bag and sees the text she sent Freddie.

Ste tells Harry to leave him alone. Nana is troubled about her secret meetings with Derek, while Reenie tries to get Porsche back on her feet after discovering Lockie’s infidelities. Reenie gets Porsche a job at The Dog, which Porsche uses as the perfect opportunity to flirt with the customers and make Lockie jealous. He asks Porsche to give him another chance but Mercedes arrives and drops him in it. Reenie tells Porsche that Jack isn’t going to give her the job. Later, Reenie is horrified when she returns home to find Derek sat in the living room, and Jade finds out she’s allowed to stay with the Osbornes.

Tuesday 22 September

Reenie smashes Derek’s pocket watch with a hammer and demands that he leaves by the end of the day. Pete calms her down and Reenie concedes to let Derek stay, until Nana reveals they’re engaged! Reenie makes Nana choose between her and Derek. Pete offers to get rid of Reenie for the night so him and Cleo can have some alone time. He’s frustrated when Reenie wants to stay in, and when Cleo rejects his advances he deletes the essay she’s been working on. Reenie watches Derek sleep on the sofa and picks up a cushion…

Leela tries to seduce Ziggy again, desperate to get pregnant and cover her lie. However, he can’t forgive her for lying about Cameron killing Sam and Danny. Tegan puts her own happiness aside and persuades Ziggy to make an effort with Leela. He plans a romantic evening with Leela, but turns cold when he finds a prison visiting order for Leela from Cameron.

Kim makes a promise to Freddie that she’ll come between him and Lindsey.

Wednesday 23 September

Cleo realises her essay has gone and goes to her mum for help, but Reenie aggressively tells her daughter to go away. Elsewhere, John Paul finds Porsche vandalising the boat. He puts her in a fireman’s lift and takes her to The Dog. Reenie is unravelling fast around Derek and swears that she won’t let him marry her mum. Meanwhile, Pete has got the keys for the school. He convinces Cleo to write her essay there and he’ll stay with her to ‘help’… He’s her hero when she finally finishes the essay and he moves in for a kiss.

Meanwhile, John Paul tries to make it up to Porsche. At the McQueens’, Nana and Derek slow dance to their favourite record. It’s too much for Reenie who is listening from the garden. She goes inside, turns off the song. 

Thursday 24 September

Cleo worries that she knows about her and Pete. Pete finds Reenie getting drunk in the pub. He tries to take her home but she pushes him away; he slips and cuts his hand on some smashed glass. Peri tells Cleo that Pete is in hospital and she panics that Reenie has attacked him. She goes to him but is jealous when Reenie also turns up. Cleo makes Pete choose between her and Reenie.

Esther and Scott are stunned when Tony makes an offensive comment about Gay Pride. They decide to host their own Pride festival when Scott can’t afford to go to the one in Sunderland but they need a local business to sponsor them…  

Tegan and Leela bump into Diane with Rose on their way to the dentist. They’re concerned when Diane collapses. Scott races over, while Tegan walks off with Rose. Leela, Tony and Scott are there to help Diane but when they realise Tegan and Rose are gone, Tony decides to call the police. Tegan returns after taking Rose to the dentist and is stunned to see the police. Diane is exhausted and allows Tegan to visit Rose. Seeing how ill Diane is, Tegan offers her some homeopathic pills. Meanwhile, Ziggy visits Cameron in prison to ask why Leela went to see him.

Esther and Scott record Tony making more comments about Pride and post them online. Scott steps in when protestors arrive at The Hutch, and announces that Tony is hosting Hollyoaks Pride. 

Friday 25 September

Esther and Scott have gone into Gay Pride overdrive and present their ideas to Tony. He lies that the council haven’t approved their plans but feels pressured when the University LGBT committee arrive at The Hutch. Tony is pleasantly surprised by how much money they’re spending and when Esther tells him it’s a shame he can’t cash in on the ‘pink pound’, Tony has a change of heart and declares Hollyoaks Pride back on.

Leela is drunk and goes to The Dog to see Peri. Peri still wants nothing to do with her. Tegan takes Leela home.She leaves Leela to sober up, but when Leela gets a call from work she picks up her car keys and heads out for her shift. Tegan goes to see Ziggy and he’s confused to hear Leela’s been drinking ‘in her condition’. They’re panicked when Tegan gets a call from the hospital saying Leela’s been injured in a fire.

Pete placates Cleo for now, but knows she’s a ticking time bomb. Peri knows Cleo is seeing someone with a girlfriend and encourages her to tell the truth – secrets always come out. Cleo braces herself to tell Reenie about her and Pete.


Harry finds out that Ste is on his own at the flat and goes to see him. Ste’s first instinct is to push Harry away. But the pair can’t keep their hands off each other and kiss. However, they’re interrupted by Diane arriving home and have to hide behind the kitchen island.