Hollyoaks’ James Fletcher on Dylan’s explosive exit: “That was a brilliant way to go”

Tonight's episode saw Dylan die a tragic death in hospital after being caught in a car explosion— but actor James Fletcher says it was the "memorable" exit he wanted...

Things were already bad enough for Hollyoaks’ troubled teen Dylan this week when he faced a possible prison sentence after being caught selling ‘legal highs’ which weren’t actually legal at all.


But then things took a truly horrific turn as Dylan got caught up in an explosion after a police van smashed into Kim and Esther’s car while they were speeding away from Trevor (Greg Wood) and Grace.

As Trevor visited his son Dylan in the hospital room, he pleaded with him to wake up before— in a heart-wrenching scene— realising he was dead.

Hollyoaks fans have known since May that actor James Fletcher, who plays Dylan, would be leaving the show but his dramatic final scenes had been kept completely under wraps. Fletcher told RadioTimes.com that he was thrilled about the way his exit was written.

“I thought when I read it [the script], that it was a brilliant way to go. The episode from start to finish is mental, insane epic. Hopefully this will be a memorable exit rather than just disappearing in the back of the cab.”

He added that filming the explosion scenes were “so exciting.”

“I felt like a rock star, strutting around in my dress, blood on my face…”

Dylan had become a popular character with viewers since his first appearance in January, with eventful storylines including his going off the rails, his love of cross-dressing, and his desperation to be accepted by his difficult father Trevor.

But while Fletcher has enjoyed playing Dylan, he said he wanted to try something new: “I decided to leave mainly because I’m pretty much fresh out of drama school, so I just wanted to see what else is out there, potentially other genres, maybe film or theatre. ”

He added that despite his decision to leave the show, he’d been overwhelmed by the positive response to his recent cross dressing storyline, in which he started to secretly experiment with wearing women’s clothes.

“I’ve had people just telling me I was doing a good job and doing it justice. We like to try to put people in boxes— straight, bi, woman, man— the more we can get away from that as a society the better we’ll be. It’s all much more complicated than we think. Even the straightest of men may fall in love with a man at some point.

“People find it a lot easier to deal with things if they’re in categories but life isn’t like that”


And even Dylan’s death might not be as clear-cut as it seems. Asked whether the door was being left open for his return, Fletcher replied with a very mysterious: “Well, with Hollyoaks—  never say never…”

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