Hollyoaks’ John Paul on the McQueen love triangle: “He actually falls in love with Lockie, it’s not just sex”

The actors who play John Paul and Lockie tell RadioTimes.com about the latest scandalous romance in the village...

The McQueen love triangle got seriously complex in Hollyoaks tonight as Porsche (Twinnie-Lee Moore) came home drunk and furious with her husband Lockie (Nick Rhys). She’d found photos of him kissing her cousin Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) and was devastated, but Lockie (James Sutton) had no clue what she’d discovered. And then things got even more dramatic when Porsche, in her fury, threw a shoe at Lockie’s wardrobe door….and a naked John Paul was hiding among the clothes…


“John Paul’s got really strong morals—on paper,” Sutton tells RadioTimes.com. “But he’s also a romantic and he wants love and he wants passion and he makes really really dumb choices. This is a really dumb choice. He’s searching for love constantly but he wants The One. He actually falls in love with Lockie, it’s not just sex for him.”

It does seem like an extremely bad idea, even by John Paul’s standards, given that this is his cousin’s husband. Plus, everyone knows it’s dangerous to mess with the McQueen women.

And what on earth is Lockie doing, sleeping with Porsche’s cousin? “This all came around because he does love his wife,” explains Rhys, “but she treated him like rubbish so he was pushed into getting what he wasn’t getting. Intimacy, physical care. He likes to be loved, it’s how he defines himself a little bit.”

Except of course it’s not only John Paul who Lockie gets involved with, it’s also Mercedes.”There’s something about the girl which is intriguing to Lockie,” says Rhys.  


So now that John Paul and Lockie are involved, does that mean there’s no chance of Ste (Kieron Richardson) being back on the scene? “I think both characters are always going to have something, ” says Sutton. “Kieron and I both do have hope that they’ll get back together, we really love working together. They seem to write really well for us. They’re two characters that really support each other and they’re supposed to be meeting under the archway on Christmas day to reaffirm their love.”