Hollyoaks: Grace, Esther, Kim and Trevor are involved in a car crash, plus Tegan and Diane come to blows

24-28 August: And Cameron confronts Celine with the drugs he's found in her handbag

Monday 24 August


Esther wakes up and panics about where she is. Dylan has slept in The Dog car park. He overhears that Esther has woken up and tells a shocked Trevor. ‘GothBoy98’ sends Dylan an audio message from the webcam at Trevor and Grace’s flat, which has been edited to make it sound like Trevor doesn’t want him. Grace and Trevor arrive at the hospital where Frankie and Jack are already at Esther’s bedside. They refuse to leave so Jack and Frankie tell Esther that Trevor killed Carly. Esther asks to hold her baby, leaving Grace visibly worried about the connection between Esther and Curtis.

Meanwhile, Dylan plants drugs at The Loft and calls the police. He’s guilty when Trevor presents him with official papers to change his name to Dylan Royle and reminds his son that he does love him. The moment is interrupted by the police. Kim returns and visits Esther in hospital.

Darren makes Patrick realise that he’s still controlling Maxine. Patrick morphs into his old self in order to push Maxine away and it seems to work.

Cameron asks Celine to help him with his boat BBQ but she wants to keep her distance. Cameron asks Celine to take their relationship to the next level.

Tuesday 25 August

Celine leaves a postcard for Cameron at the boat, saying that she does want to be his girlfriend, but it falls out of sight. She sees an intimate moment between Cameron and Leela and gets the wrong impression. Later, Peri finds Celine’s card to Cameron and throws it in the river. Lindsey encourages Celine to talk to Cameron but Ziggy tells them Cameron is with Leela. Furious, Celine storms round to the Lomax’s and catches Cameron and Leela…

Dylan prepares for his day in court. He visits Nico and asks her to support him but she lashes out, masking her fear and guilt about Carly. Dylan tells her to forget about them being boyfriend and girlfriend. Esther is surprised to see Kim and tells her to leave. Grace and Trevor arrive and give Esther the parental order forms to sign. Esther tells Grace and Trevor that she’ll let them keep Curtis, but she just wants one night with him on her own. Meanwhile, Dylan is trying to call his dad but it’s going straight to voicemail.

Grace and Trevor return to an empty flat but Grace is worried about leaving Curtis with Esther and asks Trevor to do a detour to the hospital on the way to court. They’re horrified when they hear that Esther has discharged herself and left with Curtis and Kim. Dylan is dressed in women’s clothes to go to court and Tom, Peri and Nico are by his side. However, Trevor doesn’t turn up and Dylan thinks his dad can’t accept him. Trevor and Grace arrive at The Dog carpark in time to see Kim and Esther speeding away in Jack’s car and they chase after them.

Trevor and Grace are still chasing Kim, Esther and Curtis. Grace catches them and tries to pull in front but clips Jack’s car, sending them all into a spin. Trevor races to Jack’s car and takes Curtis but just as Esther’s about to chase after Trevor, a police van crashes into their car. Trevor, holding Curtis, watches in shock.

Wednesday 26 August

Leela has to rush off to help at the car crash site. Ziggy visits Tegan in prison, but Tegan tells him that she’s cutting all ties with him and Leela. It’s clear she doesn’t mean it and when he leaves, her bravado crumbles. Celine hides a syringe in her pocket at the hospital and Leela is her next patient, having been caught up in the explosion… Tegan is taken to the hospital for treatment related to her Cancer.

Grace starts to come round and Trevor snaps out of his shock and rushes over to where Kim and Esther are unconscious in the overturned car. The doors are jammed shut and the police van that smashed into them is on its side. Frankie and Jack’s hearts sink when they get a call about the accident. Meanwhile, Trevor and Grace wonder whether they should leave Esther and Kim to die, that way they’ll get Curtis. Kim’s car explodes 

Thursday 27 August

Dr S’Avage announces that security are doing a locker search because drugs have been going missing from the hospital. She clears her locker just as a security guard arrives but as she goes to walk away, she collapses. Sienna worries when Nico storms out of the flat. Celine wakes up in a hospital bed and is caught red handed when Cameron presents her with the syringe and drugs he’s found in her bag.

Also at the hospital, Trevor and Grace arrive and calmly take Curtis. Nico, Peri and Tom promise that they’ll always be together. Cameron bumps into Tom who tells him to stop Peri giving their baby up for adoption, or he’ll tell her about Sam and Danny. 

Friday 28 August

Tom tells Cameron to sabotage Angela’s visit with Peri or he will expose his confession. Cameron attempts to paint Angela in a bad light.

Ste tells Sinead the condom split and that she needs to get a HIV test. Sinead gets Harry to cover at The Hutch while she and Ste go to the hospital. Later, Harry lets it slip to Tony that Ste and Sinead are at the hospital. Tony turns up at the hospital and is insensitive about Ste and Sinead’s relationship. Later, Harry finds Ste upset at the folly and they kiss.

Tegan is released and goes to Diane’s to see Rose but they push her out. Tegan is still seething with Leela. She tells Scott to bring Rose to her or she will reveal he was part of the kidnap too. Later, Diane busts Scott trying to sneak Rose out of the house but he covers by telling his aunt that Tegan threatened him.  Diane confronts Tegan; Tegan tells her the truth but it falls on deaf ears and Tegan launches herself at Diane, who then fights back. They scuffle and Leela and Scott race to split them up.


The contents of Diane’s handbag are strewn everywhere and Tegan notices her bottle of vitamins. Afterwards, Diane tells Scott he has a month to find a new home. Elsewhere, Diane is in bits and, in the heat of the moment, kisses Tony but then pushes him away. Rejected, he observes Diane’s vitamin tablets. We see a shadow replace Diane’s tablets with an identical tub, then Diane takes two – but who has tampered with them and with what?