Hollyoaks stars talk Nico’s murder storyline: “We’re going to see it go to a much darker place”

The actors who play Nico, Sienna and Ben talk about Carly's death and the dramatic cover-up plan that's going to make their lives a nightmare...

Life has just got truly hellish for Nico and Sienna. The Hollyoaks mum and daughter were relieved to find Carly still had a pulse after Nico hit her with a paperweight, but Carly died soon afterwards meaning Nico’s attack on Ben’s daughter really is murder after all. Sienna went into panic mode and enlisted the help of Dr S’Avage who took Carly to the morgue in secret. But will Nico and Sienna manage to cover it all up? And how is Nico feeling about having ended a life?


“It’s never been bundles of joy with Nico,” Persephone Swales-Dawson, who plays her, tells RadioTimes.com at a press day at Liverpool’s Hollyoaks set, “but we’re going to see it go to a much darker place that’s going to make all the other storylines look nice and fluffy.”

“It’s quite sad actually, because it wasn’t premeditated whatsoever, she was just acting in self defence and then obviously this awful thing’s happened. She doesn’t want to come clean because it will mean prison but at the same time a cover up isn’t ideal cos she’s just a loose cannon.”

But while things might be pretty horrific for Nico, the actor behind the character is having a great time with such a dramatic storyline. “It’s the biggest thing I’ve done since starting the show,” says Swales-Dawson. “It’s been awesome. Even auditioning I was quite aware that the character wasn’t going to be entirely standard. I sort of had some suspicions but nothing on the level of this.”

Things have reached a new level of darkness for Nico’s mum Sienna too, who is set to go to disturbing lengths to protect her family.

“She goes into parent mode and just wants to protect Nico,” says Anna Passey, who plays Sienna. “She almost convinces herself that it was just an accident and then all the behaviour of Nico after that event starts to really frighten Sienna – and to scare Sienna you’ve got to be doing some pretty twisted stuff. There are times when she thinks ‘what have I created?'”

But of course, however horrific it may be for Nico and Sienna, it’s Ben (played by Ben Bradley) who is facing the traumatic loss of his daughter. Viewers has been aware that Ben had been meeting up with a mystery woman, but Carly’s identity as his daughter had been kept secret.

“Essentially Ben’s in the love with the person [Sienna] who’s the accessory to his daughter’s murder,” said Bradley. “He’d come to Hollyoaks village to start afresh but his past his now catching up with him.”


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