Hollyoaks: Cindy seduces Jason in a wedding dress, while Ben finds drugs in Carly’s bag

27-31 July: Plus Wayne takes the Lovedays to find Lisa

Monday 27 July


Ziggy realises that Tegan loves him more genuinely than Leela and decides to go away with her. Elsewhere, Diane and Tony overhear DS Thorpe saying he’s got a lead on Rose and they follow him to Southport.

Louis is heartbroken about Simone pushing their daughter away and reveals that he has always blamed her for Lisa’s kidnap. Louis is about to leave when ‘Wayne’ arrives and tells them he knows where they can find Lisa.

Pete tells Jack about Harry and Cleo’s whipped cream fight at the coffee shop and Jack tells Cleo that she hasn’t got the job. Cleo breaks up with Harry. Harry thinks Cleo must be seeing someone else and convinces Holly to help him spy on her. He’s relieved when he sees Cleo with Pete, unaware he’s the other man.

Tuesday 28 July

Wayne takes the Lovedays to a drop-in centre. Lisa spots them and makes a run for it, with Zack in hot pursuit. They all catch up with her and Simone begs her daughter to come home. They return to the village without Lisa, but are delighted when she later turns up at their front door. 

Cindy is spending excessively again and buys an expensive wedding dress.

Robbie offers to babysit Charlie and Oscar so Nancy can go to a job interview. He thinks it’ll be a piece of cake until Charlie locks him out of the house. 

Wednesday 29 July

Zack is stunned when he sees Lisa and Wayne kissing. 

Cindy is sexually frustrated. Dirk surprises her with a new writing desk but her focus is on a hot, sweaty Jason who has helped Dirk carry the table up the stairs. Later, Cindy thinks Jason has invited her to the Roscoe’s to sleep with him. She climbs into his bed but Robbie is there instead.

Ben and Carly move into their new house, but Ben finds some drugs in her bag and washes them down the sink. He locks Carly in the house.

Robbie drives Nancy to her next interview but when it doesn’t go well, she takes her anger out on him. He nearly drives into Wayne, who is looking at the envelope of reward money from the Lovedays. Later, Wayne is mugged by Robbie who wants the cash to help Nancy pay for childcare. Robbie is unaware he’s left his sunglasses at the scene.

Thursday 30 July

Jason reveals too much to Robbie about him and Cindy. Meanwhile, Kyle and Aiden offer Holly a legal high, which she refuses. Cindy turns up at the Roscoe’s and tries to undress Jason. He decides to tell Dirk she’s not taking her medication. The wedding dress Cindy ordered has arrived and she tries it on while fantasising about Jason. She turns up at the police station in the dress.

She meets up with Kyle and Aiden who take her to a party and give her pills. Robbie gives Nancy the £6k he stole from Wayne and lies that it’s his savings. She reluctantly accepts. They go to the park and Robbie is alarmed when he spies two police officers at the site where he mugged Wayne, and they’ve found his sunglasses…He asks Jason to get the glasses back, or he’ll tell Holly that he kissed Cindy.

Ben returns to the village and tries to speak with Sienna. She doesn’t believe that Carly is a ‘friend’. Ben asks Jason to do some surveillance for him, Jason is unaware he’s watching Ben’s house to make sure Carly stays out of trouble. He tries to chase her when she uses a coat hanger to unlock the door and escapes, but he loses her. Nico pushes Sienna to give Ben another chance, so she goes to the station and kisses him. However, Sienna overhears Ben on the phone and thinks he’s cheating on her with Nancy.

Friday 31 July

Sienna spots Ben leaving The Dog in the morning, wearing the same clothes from last night. Sienna and Nico break into Ben’s flat and find some perfume, which Sienna believes belongs to Nancy. She storms into the pub, throws the perfume bottle at Nancy and the two women fight. Later, Sienna sneaks into Nancy’s bedroom.

Pete asks Frankie for a job at the pub, she’s startled when a hooded figure runs past her and grabs her handbag. Pete stops them and reveals Carly as the mugger.

Celine finds Holly passed out behind the bins in The Loft yard after her night of partying. She makes Holly promise not to take anymore pills. At the hospital, Cindy gives Celine some advice on how to be creative in the bedroom. However, Pete is quick to destroy Celine’s confidence before her date with Cameron.


Robbie is furious that Jason can’t get access to the evidence room and retrieve his sunglasses.

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