Hollyoaks: Reenie is injured in a shock fall, while the Gloved Hand killer prepares to strike again

20-24 July: Plus Porsche takes her anger out on Lockie's car - and have Grace and Trevor really split up?

Monday 20 July


Grace and Trevor work out that using Kim is a route to getting their son. Later, Grace kisses Kim. The Gloved Hand is about to strike.

Nana and Porsche tell Reenie she has to pay the Osbornes back after giving away free drinks at her disastrous quiz night. She spots D S‘Avage with a wad of cash and talks him in to giving her £200. Reenie gets the cash and is back in her family’s good books when she puts it towards Cleo’s birthday.

Elsewhere, Lockie and John Paul are flirty, while Porsche and Lockie are still on the rocks. Lockie goes to visit John Paul and they get steamy in Patrick’s office. Porsche goes to the school to apologise to Cleo and hears Lockie’s voice; will she catch her husband and cousin up to no good?

Sienna tries to explain to Dr S’Avage that he’s a father figure not a potential boyfriend.

Tuesday 21 July

Grace and Trevor stage a fake break-up in front of Kim.

Lockie and John Paul hire The Loft for Cleo’s party. John Paul admits his true feelings to a shocked Lockie. When Porsche gives Lockie attitude again, Lockie tells John Paul he’s going to tell Porsche about the two of them. However, Porsche confides in John Paul that without Lockie she wouldn’t cope, and she tells Lockie she loves him. Who will Lockie choose?

Sienna is worried about Dr S’Avage’s friendship with Reenie. Reenie visits D S’Avage and he lends her his credit card. Sienna confronts Reenie at Cleo’s party but Dr S’Avage stands up for Reenie. Later, Sienna follows Reenie to confront her and pushes her off the City Wall.

Dylan is thrilled when he impresses Trevor by hiring out The Loft for Cleo’s party.

Wednesday 22 July

Peri and Tom soften when they hear Angela and her husband, Mark’s story but Frankie storms in. The Browns leave and Peri and Tom are furious at Frankie’s interference. Frankie offers to pay Peri for her baby.

Porsche smashes up Lockie’s car. Mercedes visits Joe in hospital.

Thursday 23 July

Peri refuses Frankie’s cheque. Leela confronts Frankie, and Tom sides with Leela and Peri. Frankie brings Angela, Mark, Tom, Peri and Leela back together and Peri and Tom accept The Browns as adoptive parents. They are all relieved, apart from Tom who gets out a photo of the baby scan, fighting back tears.

Pete reels Cleo in again, while Porsche and Harry realise Cleo is missing. Cleo arrives at The Dog with Pete – it’s obvious Cleo has given in to Pete’s demands. Later, Cleo tells Pete she’s got plans with Harry but while the rest of the McQueens go for a Chinese, Pete goes back to Cleo.

John Paul spots Lockie kissing Porsche in his van but on second glance realises it’s actually Mercedes…

Tegan is feeling uneasy around Diane. Scott rings Tegan urging her to come round and look after Rose, but the ‘emergency’ is that he has a date with a Beefcake Boy. Tegan takes a photo of her daughter and posts it to Diane to make her feel better.

Friday 24 July

Diane discovers the photo of Rose that Tegan posted. Tegan panics when Tony tells her they’re taking the photo to the police to be analysed. Ziggy notices a poster for the Beefcake Boyz show in the background of Rose’s photo. He knows the show is in Southport so decides to start his search for Rose there.

The Lovedays continue their search for Lisa. Zack can’t take anymore and tells his dad that Simone is the reason Lisa left.


Cleo continues to give into his demands so he’ll stay. Desperate to avoid a night in alone with him, Cleo offers to do a trial shift for Jack at the coffee shop. Harry arrives and they have a whipped cream fight.