Hollyoaks: Trevor and Val kiss, plus Joe hands himself in to the police for shooting Phoebe

15-19 June: Plus Tegan is frustrated when Leela and Ziggy return, while Robbie is out for revenge

Monday 15 June


Tegan is put out by the return of loved-up Leela and Ziggy. Tegan bumps into Leela and Ziggy and feels uncomfortable as they start talking about having babies.

The McQueens try desperately to get into Phoebe’s room but Robbie is determined to stop them. Mercedes calls Joe and Freddie for back up.

Tegan and Kim are in The Dog playing ‘guess who’ with post-its on their foreheads. Celine comes in and, in high spirits, Tegan goes over to a group of lads and snogs one of them. Celine is mortified when it turns out to be Josh who bought Mariam’s painting. She’s scared he’ll find out she’s a fraud.

Tuesday 16 June

Robbie tells Joe and Freddie that he wants their help getting revenge on Grace, thinking she shot Phoebe. Grace gets in her car but Robbie is waiting on the back seat. There’s a struggle and Grace punches Robbie, before he locks her in the garage. She secretly dials Freddie who rushes to the garage with Joe.

Tegan is excited about her date with Josh at the coffee shop but Celine swoops in and lies to Josh that Tegan is unstable. Later at the hospital, Tegan spies Josh giving Celine flowers as a thank you and is furious. She hits Josh with the bouquet and tells Celine they’re no longer friends.

Wednesday 17 June

Joe decides to hand himself in to the police for shooting Phoebe.

It’s a welcome relief when Val arrives and distracts Trevor from building a cot for his baby. They’re both unaware Kim’s hidden camera is watching them.

Thursday 18 June

At the garage, Mercedes urges Robbie to stop Joe going to the police and, outside The Dog, Jason asks Ziggy to help him get their family back together. Mercedes tells Joe he can’t go to prison and she has a good reason why not…

As Grace drowns her sorrows, Val moves in on Trevor and kisses him, which is all caught on camera.

Friday 19 June

Mercedes tells John Paul her secret.Kim puts the photos of Trevor and Val kissing in an envelope marked ‘Grace’. Trevor finds the envelope before Grace does, thinking Val’s to blame. But when he questions Val in the village she denies it. Esther’s baby shower is taking place at The Dog and Kim realises Grace hasn’t seen the photos of Val and Trevor so shows them to her on her phone.

Tegan is upset with Ziggy but neither is prepared to give an inch.  Tony hears Rose is ill with German measles. He goes round to see her and surprisingly, Tegan lets him. Ziggy returns to find the pair embroiled in a game of Twister, he’s seething with jealousy. 


Cindy finds a Dictaphone and uses it to make notes for her novel. A Swiss girl called Zoe messages Holly – Holly assumes it’s about a school reunion at her old boarding school because Zoe is asking for emails of all the schoolgirls. Cindy attempts to get herself a book deal to raise money so Holly can go to her school reunion.