Hollyoaks: Nico tries to poison Sienna, while Porsche goes off the rails

8-12 June: Plus Trevor is contacted by a mystery kidnapper and Jason helps Cindy with her novel

Monday 8 June


Sinead asks John Paul for help with Ste but he refuses. Sinead goes to register Baby Hay without Ste, thinking he doesn’t want the responsibility of another child but Ste finds her just in time and tells her he wants to do the ‘family thing’.

Cindy decides to write a book of her own and begins penning an erotic novel. She ropes Jason in to helping her, with awkward consequences.

Dylan and Nico make up. Nico returns to stay with Sienna but later reveals to Dylan she has a chilling revenge plan for her mother.

Tuesday 9 June

Reenie and Sienna battle it out for a job at Price Slice. Nico spikes Sienna’s soup with painkillers but Sienna mixes up the bowls. Sienna gives Nico a bracelet and Nico feels guilty about trying to poison her mother and tries to take back the soup – but which soup has the pills in? Sienna goes back to work and Nico realises that she ate the poisoned soup, not Sienna. Nico texts Dylan for help and collapses. Dylan calls an ambulance. The doctors tell Sienna that Nico took an overdose.

Jason helps Cindy with her novel. Holly enters and they spring apart like they’ve done something wrong. Cindy whispers ‘same time tomorrow?’ to Jason and he is worried what he’s got himself in to.

Wednesday 10 June

Porsche is off the rails and Joe offers her a shoulder to cry on. Lockie returns to see Porsche confiding in Joe and flips.

Elsewhere, John Paul visits Phoebe with Mercedes but Lindsey tells them her health is deteriorating. Lindsey tells John Paul not to tell Robbie about Phoebe but he calls the prison, thinking Robbie could be the one to get through to unconscious Phoebe. Sinead tells Scott he needs to move out so he floods Diane’s flat. He and Sinead move in to the boarding house.

Thursday 11 June

Ben asks Sienna on a date. Porsche continues to drink her problems away. Lockie tries to persuade Porsche to have a quiet night in but she tricks him and gets on a party bus.

Mercedes and Lindsey row over Phoebe. John Paul breaks the news to Robbie and urges him to record a message for Phoebe, thinking it will help her regain consciousness.

Friday 12 June

Porsche returns home from another night out, grabs Lockie and takes him upstairs. John Paul walks in on the pair scantily-clad on the bed and storms out. Meanwhile, Dr S’Avage tells the McQueens that Phoebe can have brain surgery, but that it’s a risky procedure. Mercedes is furious with Lindsey’s attempts to stop the family agreeing to the op.

The McQueens decide to go ahead with the surgery. Robbie is released from prison and heads straight over to see Phoebe. He locks her hospital room door and won’t let the medical staff in to operate on her, scared that she will die in theatre.

Ben and Sienna arrange their date. Elsewhere, Brutus is missing and Trevor is contacted by a mystery kidnapper.


Cindy begs an awkward Jason to help with her book. He is flustered at her flirty innuendos and rudely refuses. Later, he takes her some food to say sorry but she announces that she’s working alone from now on.