Hollyoaks spoilers: will Ziggy be left standing at the altar? Plus Cameron hijacks the wedding car

20-24 April: And Nico, Dylan and Tom visit Peri, who is distraught about her dad’s accident

Monday 20 April


Leela points the finger of blame at her loved ones following the recent attack, while jealous forces are out to stop her wedding to Ziggy. Nico and Dylan have a playful idea to brighten Peri’s mood, but is it more than a bit of fun to Dylan? Theresa tries to call a truce but Sienna has other plans… 

Tuesday 21 April

Time is running out for Ziggy – what will his heart decide? Tegan has another battle on her hands with Diane. Elsewhere, Cameron’s biggest secret looks set to be revealed…

Wednesday 22 April

Patrick and Sienna get more than they bargained for after a visit to the hospital. Theresa is approached with a new career prospect. Will Cameron sacrifice his pride for his freedom? Kim’s obsession with Grace continues to grow.

Thursday 23 April

Cameron has met his match but won’t go down without a fight. Theresa faces decisions about her future. Nancy can’t keep Kim’s secret for much longer, but in whom will she confide?

Friday 24 April


Kim tries to claw her way back into Esther’s affections, while livid Lindsey is out for revenge. Trevor is furious when a video of Dylan becomes an online hit.