Hollyoaks spoilers: Sienna schemes, Maxine gets a court date, while Darren helps Trevor

30 March-3 April: Plus Esther is shocked by Phoebe’s appearance when she visits her in prison

Monday 30 March


Tony and Diane go in search of answers, while a blast from the past causes havoc for Dr S’avage. Meanwhile, a frantic Ziggy takes desperate measures… with criminal consequences. 

Tuesday 31 March

Someone threatens to expose the truth about Dr S’Avage, but what’s his big secret?  Reality hits Ste and Leela as they take the law in to their own hands. It’s decision time for Darren – will he do a deal with the devil?

Wednesday 1 April

Ziggy’s faced with an impossible decision…what will he decide? Diane’s search for justice has frightening consequences, putting her family in the firing line. Elsewhere, Cindy spies a new romance blooming while Sienna starts to scheme a way out of the psychiatric unit.

Thursday 2 April

Tegan has to cover her heartbreak when Leela makes an announcement, while Celine plots to keep love on course. Sienna sets her sights on Dr S’Avage, but what does she have planned for the hapless doctor? Jason’s new career brings a surprise revelation for Cindy, which results in devastating consequences.

Friday 3 April


As Jason leaps to Cindy’s rescue, Darren has his own suspicions about the culprit, while Maxine discovers Darren’s not all he seems. Patrick and Theresa take their working relationship to the next level and Esther is heartbroken by desperate Phoebe’s situation.