Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead

2-6 February: Cindy is in grave danger, while Joe and Nancy get close

Monday 2 February


Nancy’s pill addiction has disastrous consequences – and it’s her family who suffer the fallout. Dylan puts Nico in danger when he suggests they skip school for the day. Tegan, Celine and Kim’s prank puts their careers on the line. 

Tuesday 3 February

Nico’s actions result in a life-threatening situation for Cindy. Frankie forces Esther to choose between her family or Grace and Trevor. Plus Robbie, Holly and Phoebe’s big day out ends up in a surprising party at the Loft.

Wednesday 4 February

It’s a race against time to save Cindy, and Dirk is faced with a tough choice. Maxine opens up to Darren about her past and is surprised when Patrick comes to her rescue. Dylan warns Esther about his dad, while Trevor threatens Robbie about his recent behaviour.

Thursday 5 February

Dirk’s decision attracts unwanted attention, while Holly is disgusted by Robbie’s actions. Kim makes it her mission to spread some joy with embarrassing consequences for one of her team-mates.

Friday 5 February


Dirk can’t escape his tormentor, while Tom and Dylan try to call a truce. And Maxine goes to an old foe to help her win custody of Minnie.