Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead

1-5 December: Dodger takes matters into his own hands at Maxine's trial, while Jason and Robbie fight it out

Monday 1 December


Jason is tormented when Rick forces him to fight with his injured hand. Who will be victorious in the battle of the twins? Meanwhile, Cameron has gambled everything on Rick’s advice – will it pay off? And Diane plays Tony at his own game.

Tuesday 2 December

Celine questions Jason’s behaviour and is shocked by what she discovers. Patrick enjoys delivering a heartbreaking truth to Maxine, while Sienna is frightened when she can’t find Nico. Elsewhere, will Cameron repeat past mistakes and end up losing the family he’s fought so hard to get back? 

Wednesday 3 December

Will Cameron and Rick’s desperate act be discovered? Maxine is on trial and Dodger begs her not to give in to Patrick’s demands. He takes matters into his own hands, but will he help or hinder her chances at freedom? Porsche makes Theresa rethink her decision to help Nico, but are they wise to go up against Sienna?

Thursday 4 December

Has Nancy made the biggest mistake of her life? Maxine awaits the fate of her trial. Dodger pleads with Theresa to help Nico, but will she live to regret her decision?  And when Lockie moves into the McQueen house, will he and John Paul resist temptation? 

Friday 5 December


Dr S’Avage, Kim, Celine and Tegan desperately try to find out who’s to blame for what happened to Theresa. John Paul and Lockie struggle to keep their hands off each other, while Tom needs Darren’s help.