Emmerdale spoilers: Aaron returns to stop Adam going off the rails, reveals Danny Miller

"Aaron comes back to try and sort Adam out. But he’s no idea what he’s getting himself into," says the actor

Two years on from taking the rap for the fire at the village garage, Aaron Livesy is to reappear in Emmerdale next week to help his friend Adam Barton. But he will get there in time? Adam is currently embroiled in Ross and Donna’s criminal activities, but Aaron wants to stop him from falling further off the rails.


Here, actor Danny Miller – also returning soon in ITV’s Scott & Bailey – talks about Aaron’s comeback and whether he can aid Adam and clear his own name:

So, what’s Aaron been up to since he left the Dales?
He went over there while in love with Ed but things didn’t work out as he planned. So it’s a case of Aaron having to swallow his pride and realise that things haven’t worked out. The relationship has broken down and he’s been having to fend for himself. In his eyes, he’s always been thinking about coming back. But he didn’t know how he was going to do it. In the end, he purchased a ticket in a false name and came back.

So what is it that brings him back?
He’s still on the run, so that needs resolving. But he gets various different calls – from Moira, from Chas, both of whom say that Adam is going off the rails. Adam is basically falling into the same trap that Aaron did. And once Aaron hears that Adam’s in trouble, he comes back to try and sort him out. But he’s no idea what he’s getting himself into.

How does he react when he catches Adam up to no good? After all, Aaron walks back into the middle of a heist…
Yes, Aaron’s been watching what Adam’s been up to for a couple of days. So to see what’s been unfolding between Adam, Donna and Ross is a bit of a whirlwind for Aaron. When Aaron left originally, Adam thanked him the opportunity of a new life. And now it looks like Adam is wasting that opportunity.

Does he get to meet all the new Barton brothers?
He’s not crossed paths with them yet. But he’s not a big fan of Ross to start with – because he’s the person who’s got Adam into this mess in the first place. Ross has got this bad-boy image and Aaron doesn’t like him. He wants to put him in his place.

Do you think Aaron will be a good influence on Adam?
Aaron has matured while he’s been away, but he’s still got that temper to him. In terms of looking at life, though, he has matured – he’s seen something of the world now. So, in the short term, I think he will be a good influence on Adam.

Will the circumstances surrounding the fire that caused Aaron to leave rear their head again? 
Absolutely. People are still pointing the finger at Aaron. I think it’s time for the truth to come out, but at what point, I don’t know. Aaron’s first got to answer questions about running away and skipping bail, which is obviously a serious offence. It’ll be interesting to see how the police come down on him.

Is Chas pleased to see Aaron back?
She adores him. But it’s going to be hard for Chas to accept that he’s returned to the country without telling anybody. She’s obviously going to be angry about that because she always wants to hear about everything first. But, in the long run, she’ll be happy.

How have fans reacted to you returning to the show?
It’s been great. I often got tweets from people saying that they’d like to see Adam back in the village. Some people have guessed where he’s going to be slipping back into the storyline and the response has been positive.

What tempted you back to Emmerdale?
When our series producer Kate Oates approached my agent about it, she said that she had this great storyline involving Donna and Adam getting into trouble. Plus Emmerdale was the best job I’d ever done and I’m sure it always will be, so it was hard to say no. I just wanted to come back.

You’ve just been filming Scott & Bailey, which will air around the same time as Aaron’s return – is it strange for you that one character’s a cop and the other’s on the wrong side of the law?
Yes, it’s weird. It’s almost like a mirror image – one side is solving problems with the police, the other is causing problems for the police. It was a strange switchover for me – I only had a week off between the two shows.


Have you enjoyed your time away from Emmerdale?
I always said that I wanted to go off and dip my toe in the water to see what it was like. I did a fair few jobs and now it’s nice to come back and say, ‘yeah, I’ve done it’. But I have missed Aaron – thank goodness we’ve dumped the trackies, though. He’s not as chavvy as he once was. But he’s still got that rebellious attitude and playing him still feels like second nature. I’m chuffed to bits to return and Aaron will be back for the foreseeable future.