Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead

14-18 July: Maxine learns another painful lesson but will it finally push her to escape Patrick?

Monday 14 July


When Grace’s doubts in Trevor come to light, can she convince him to give their love another shot? Mercedes concocts a manipulative plan to safe guard the McQueens’ future. Is the net closing in on Fraser’s killer? Elsewhere, John Paul is nervous about his first real date since his attack…

Tuesday 15 July

An argument with Patrick leads to a painful conclusion for Maxine – will her baby be safe? The police make an arrest in connection to Fraser’s murder which leaves everyone shocked. Lindsey makes a shock announcement, and Ste begs for forgiveness.

Wednesday 16 July

As Ste learns the true horrors his friend endured, will he take matters into his own hands? Patrick is furious to wake up alone – where is Maxine? Mercedes plays hard ball, while Grace is left devastated by Trevor’s actions. The Roscoes learn of Lindsey’s good news, but is there something she’s keeping from them…?

Thursday 17 July

Joe makes a brave admission to Freddie, but it’s not long before the police knock on their door…  Mercedes is gobsmacked to realise Lindsey’s secret. Nana McQueen offers her best advice, but has she inadvertently sentenced a villager to their death? Maxine makes a bold decision, but is she strong enough to escape Patrick’s grasp forever? Meanwhile, Sinead decides enough is enough.

Friday 18 July


When given an ultimatum, what will Freddie choose? Can Grace forgive Trevor for his hurtful betrayal? Will Fraser’s killer finally be discovered? Elsewhere, Sinead’s feelings for her forbidden lover grow stronger than ever…