Emmerdale spoilers: Victoria Pendleton fretted about messing up her lines during guest appearance

The Olympic cyclist will drop in during next week's episodes to relaunch Home Farm

The relaunch of Home Farm is set to see Olympian Victoria Pendleton put in a cameo appearance during an upcoming episode – and it looks as though Jimmy King (Nick Miles) will be going all out to impress one of his sporting heroes.


In scenes to be shown on Friday 4 July, Jimmy will get kitted out in skimpy sporting gear in a bid to impress the champion cyclist. He can’t wait to show Victoria around Home Farm, but Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) is soon seething with jealousy when she notices that they’re getting on so well.

Here, Pendleton discusses her filming experiences as she discusses her Emmerdale guest role from the set of the ITV soap.

How have you enjoyed filming so far?
It’s been fun today. I’m playing myself so hopefully it shouldn’t be too stressful, but it is brilliant to see everyone. All the characters I’ve seen on TV and now I’m here on the set. I can’t wait to see the village.

What did you think when you were first approached?
I’ve never been asked to be part of a soap episode before, so I thought it might be a really nice opportunity to do something different. I like trying new things so I thought, ‘why not?’.  Also, my mum is a really big Emmerdale fan.

So is she with you on set?
Yes, she has come along with me today to see what it’s like behind the scenes and she’s really excited.

Do you watch Emmerdale?
I do. Not religiously like my mum, but when I’m at hers. We sit down after dinner, have a cup of tea and watch Emmerdale. I know who all the characters are. Last summer I watched it a lot as I stayed at hers.

What’s your costume like for the episode?
I brought a selection of my own clothes because I’m playing myself. So I didn’t have to wear a costume, but I loved the hair and make-up!

Any nerves about the filming?
Oh yeah! I don’t want to make a mistake or hold anybody up. I only have a couple of lines, but I don’t want to stumble over them. And this is not really my thing. I haven’t done it before, but everyone is friendly.

Are you a fan of the Tour de France?
Yes and it is so exciting that the Tour is coming through Yorkshire. Cycling is experiencing a growth phase in the UK – people are really into it and it’s a sport that we’ve been very successful at recently.

I think the Tour de France is going to get a fantastic reception here. There’ll probably be surprise at just how many people watch and support at the roadsides.  Also, the recent women’s tour has been a good promotion of women’s cycling as well.

Will you be in Yorkshire to watch it?
Hopefully, I will be there. Although from my experience of watching professional road racers is that they come past pretty quick. My suggestion is to stand at the steepest hill and you might get a better view.


And will you watch your episode of Emmerdale?
My mum will definitely have it recorded. I’ll put money on it. But yes, I will be watching my episode, although I will no doubt be because I hate watching myself do anything like that.