Emmerdale spoilers: Adam hits James after Barton family secrets are revealed – watch the scene

Tempers fray after shock news breaks during Tuesday's episode

There are shocks at Finn’s (Joe Gill) party next week when an old VHS tape reveals more surprises than the Bartons had bargained for.


In scenes to be shown on Thursday 2 June, there are shocked faces all round when footage of James (Bill Ward) and ex-wife Emma arguing blows a big family secret.

Pretty soon, Ross (Michael Parr) has arrived home to find everyone in shock after discovering that Moira (Natalie J Robb) once slept with James. A disgusted Adam (Adam Thomas) hits James, but Cain remains strangely calm and instructs Moira to go to the bedroom. But it isn’t long before he storms out, angry at her for lying to him and breaking his trust.


But the big question remains: will the fallout see Adam finding out the truth about James being his real dad? You can watch a clip from the episode itself below.