Hollyoaks actress Gemma Bissix: “there are no limits to how evil Clare can be”

"Clare is one of the BEST characters I've ever played and she hasn't changed one bit"

Clare Devine has gone down in Hollyoaks history as one of the show’s most notorious villains of all time. With the attempted murders of Max Cunningham and Warren and Katy Fox already under her belt – not to mention her recent attempts to scam the latest in a long line of wealthy businessmen, Paul Browning – it’s a wonder the woman isn’t currently serving life in prison.


So, how would actress Gemma Bissix describe her unhinged Hollyoaks alter-ego? “She’s a psycho bitch with a serious (do not mess) screw loose. Clare is one of the BEST characters I’ve ever played and she hasn’t changed one bit.” So is she anything like her character in real life? “Haha, I’d like to think not, but my boyfriend might not agree!” 

Clare has made many enemies over the years – Warren Fox, Louise Summers, Calvin Valentine and Justin Burton, to name a few – but it turns out Gemma’s favourite scenes were with Clare’s ex-fiancé Max and his best friend OB. “All the scenes in the log cabin with Max and Tom, when OB punched Clare was epic! It was such a stand-out moment for me.”

So, now Clare’s back for a visit to Chester village, what can we expect from her this time around? “I don’t think there are any limits to how evil Clare can be.” From the woman who has already ticked kidknapping, blackmailing and scamming off her to-do list, that certainly sounds ominous… 


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