Who attacked Maya? Emmerdale finally reveals attacker

Was it Alicia who lashed out?


Emmerdale has tonight revealed that David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) DIDN’T attack his predatory ex-partner Maya Stepney (Louisa Clein).


The finger of suspicion had been pointing in David’s direction ever since word reached the village that an injured Maya had been admitted to hospital. But despite PC Swirling quizzing the suspicious shopkeeper about his movements, it turns out that David was innocent all along.

As Maya revealed, she’d actually been set upon by a “random woman” who was meting out “village justice” in light of news about her predatory grooming of young Jacob having hit the headlines. An incensed David was left to ruefully comment: “Shame she didn’t finish the job.”


However, the fact that we haven’t yet seen the face of Maya’s assailant will surely fuel fan speculation that Jacob’s aunt Alicia – who is supposedly living in Portugal – might well be the guilty party. Actress Natalie Anderson hasn’t been seen on Emmerdale since September 2015, but viewers are hoping that she’ll make an unexpected return to add an extra twist to the tale.

What happens next?

Monday’s episode ended with David lashing out at his nearest and dearest after Jacob revealed all about his dad’s dalliances with Leyla. The cliffhanger scene saw David storming off after berating dad Eric and ex-partner Tracy.

But it looks as though an alienated David is set to do something in Tuesday’s double bill that makes an already incendiary situation a lot worse.

So will he end up playing into the hands of the manipulative Maya? And is he destined to create even more divisions within his own family?

Speaking recently to RadioTimes.com about where the plotline is heading, actress Louisa Clein was asked whether Maya would eventually get her comeuppance. “I can’t really say too much, but there is good stuff still to come,” she said. “For Maya, this is definitely a story that still has more to play.”


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