Andrea and Graham’s secret con REVEALED in Emmerdale

The pair have a big history...


Ever since Jamie Tate’s wife Andrea turned up, Kim has had big suspicions that her daughter-in-law is actually too good to be true. Now, the first part of Tuesday’s Emmerdale double bill has revealed that there is definitely more to Andrea than meets the eye, thanks to revelations from a newly returned Graham.


Scenes just shown on the ITV soap saw Kim’s factotum (and on-off lover) resurface following an overseas trip to Brittany, covertly grab Andrea and demand to know what she was doing at Home Farm. The panicked village newcomer then pleaded with Graham to remain silent, whispering: “please don’t tell them that you know me.”

At this point, viewers were still in the dark over Graham and Andrea’s history. But Andrea was subsequently seen trying to glean family gossip from husband Jamie as she attempted to extract more information about Graham’s influence on Kim. The climax to tonight’s opening instalment then found Andrea finally facing off against Graham as the true facts regarding their past connection spilled out.


“You bought my services, you didn’t buy me,” said Andrea after Graham accused her of disappearing off the face of the earth before a “job” she was supposed to be doing had been completed. As Graham leaned in closer, he then replied in menacing tones: “I paid you to tell me Jamie’s every move, not bleed me dry. And trick him into marrying you.”

This revelation obviously sheds a whole new light on Jamie and Andrea’s marriage, with viewers now inevitably left wondering whether the relationship is a sham. Or if Andrea fell for Jamie while she was in Graham’s employ? After all, the couple do now have a daughter together, something which suggests that Andrea ended up developing true feelings for the very man whose movements she was tasked with tracking.

Viewers won’t have to wait much longer to discover more information, seeing as Emmerdale will return for the second of this evening’s two episodes at 8pm…


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