Graham revealed as Emmerdale hit and run victim – Amelia to take the blame for Daz?

Will guilty Daz come clean to the cops?

Emmerdale Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough)

Emmerdale‘s Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) is fighting for his life in hospital after being involved in a hit and run accident on Thursday 6 December caused by drunk driver Daz Spencer (Mark Jordon), who fled the scene and lied to the police his car had been stolen – which it actually had been earlier by teen tearaways Leanna Cavanagh (Mimi Slinger) and Noah Dingle (Jack Downham), who had cajoled Daz’s daughter Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) into joining them on a joyride.


However, the trio abandoned the vehicle in a field which was later found by inebriated Daz after he was thrown out of a taxi on a deserted country road for making a pass at his new boss Trish. With no other way home he risked getting behind the wheel, despite knowing he was over the limit, and hit someone. Briefly stopping, horrified Daz saw another car pull up to the victim and call an ambulance before speeding off.


Viewers did not know until the end of the episode Graham was the one Daz hit, as he was seen rushed into hospital unconscious on a stretcher in a head brace, but his fate remains shrouded in secrecy beyond the accident. Police have now recovered the ‘stolen’ car and found Noah’s phone, so it’s only a matter of time before they figure out him and his mates were in the car which they also know was involved in the accident…

Why does Amelia take the blame for Daz hitting Graham?

Next week guilt-ridden Daz hastily books a flight and tries to leave the country, but his efforts to make a swift exit before the truth emerges are scuppered as housemate Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) has a health scare and he misses his plane. Trapped as the investigation into Graham’s accident continues, and with Amelia under suspicion, distressed Daz will eventually crumble and confess to his daughter he was the one who ran him over.


Amelia is shocked but insists she takes the blame to keep Daz out of jail, which he goes along with believing the schoolgirl is too young to be arrested. But the guilt becomes too much and dodgy Daz will confesses all to brother Dan Spencer (Liam Fox), who fumes he is even considering letting Amelia pay the price for his mistake.

Will Daz do the right thing and tell the police what really happened? Is Amelia feeling guilty about letting her biological dad be branded a criminal when she staged her own kidnapping earlier this year, and seizing this opportunity to make it up to him? And is Graham really going to die?


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