Emmerdale trial drama – “Prison would break Debbie” reveals Charley Webb

Will she be spending Christmas behind bars?


Emmerdale is set to reveal the fate of Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb) as she discovers whether she’ll be jailed for the acid attack on ex-lover Ross Barton (Michael Parr) that left him with life-changing scars.


There’s a sense of doom as the Dingle mum heads off for court, and while the feisty family try to remain optimistic, it’s clear Debbie could end up spending Christmas in jail.

“Debbie is really apprehensive about the court date,” reveals Webb. “She just wants an end to this whole thing. The night of the acid attack has haunted her since it happened and she wants to move on, but she is really anxious.”

The possibility of a prison sentence looms large as Debbie bids goodbye to her loved ones, not knowing when she’ll be home again. “Debbie is very prepared for the fact the judge might make an example of her, so she is worried about that.

“Faith in particular tries to put a positive spin as she leaves for court but Debbie knows beneath the bravado everyone is anxious. Her dad Cain feels helpless but tries to keep strong in front of her. As she hugs her daughter Sarah, Debbie is close to tears – she understands the enormity of what her mum is facing.”


How did Debbie cause Ross Barton’s acid attack?

Angry Sarah blames Joe Tate and Graham Foster for putting Debbie in this mess in the first place, as the attack was intended to scare Joe only for a disastrous case of mistaken identity to put Ross in the firing line – and Deb never agreed to the corrosive substance being used. Heading to Home Farm after Debbie goes to court, Faith and Sarah plan a sneaky revenge on Graham…

Viewers will have to wait to see what the judge decides, but Webb reckons her tough character would crumble if she’s sent down. “I think prison would break her. Debbie is strong but the last few years have dealt her some tough cards, from being with Cameron the killer , getting double crossed by Joe, and coping with Sarah’s cancer and heart transplant throughout. It has all been so much pressure. So the outlook is that Christmas is not going to be too cheery at the moment for her…”


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