Emmerdale confirms when Debbie will find out Cain ‘killed’ Joe

The truth could destroy the father and daughter's relationship teases Charley Webb


One of Emmerdale ‘s biggest secrets is set to explode early in 2019 when Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb) discovers the truth about the disappearance of Joe Tate (Ned Porteous), and that her dad Cain Dingle believes he killed him.


Joe was set to marry Debbie back in October but fled the village when stepgrandmother Kim Tate (Claire King) threatened to kill him for double crossing her over the family fortune. Deb thought she had been jilted at the altar, unaware Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) had tipped off his employer to disappear – or die.

At the last minute, brave Joe decided to face cruel Kim and came back to tie the knot with Debbie, only for Cain to confront him for hurting his daughter before he could explain himself and deliver a punch that saw the Tate tycoon fall to the ground and hit his head on a rock.

Graham declared him dead at the scene and ordered Cain to scarper while he disposed of the body, but viewers saw Joe was still alive when he was bundled into the boot of Mr Foster’s car. It remains ambiguous as to what Joe’s ultimate fate was, but Graham has continued to let tormented Cain into thinking he killed him, when it’s more likely Joe’s manservant finished the job.

Cain has confided in wife Moira Dingle but kept the truth from Debbie, who is still not sure why Joe ran out on her and where he is, but in an interview with Webb ahead of Debbie’s court appearance for organising the acid attack on Ross Barton, Emmerdale have revealed the deadly secret will come to light early in the new year – with devastating consequences for the close-knit father and daughter.


Will Debbie forgive Cain for what he’s done?

“I think this betrayal is enormous and Debbie would really struggle to forgive her dad,” says Webb. Asked whether all would be forgiven if Debbie found out it was Graham who probably killed Joe, the star answers: “It would help, but the secrecy is the betrayal.

“There is still lots of speculation as the audience never saw the body,” she continues. “They saw Graham crying but never saw Joe dead…” So just how will the secret be blown? Will Cain crack and tell Debbie himself, or could Moira or Graham blab? Or is Debbie set to stumble upon some evidence that confirms his demise?


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