Maya kisses Jacob on Emmerdale – here’s what happens next!

Is David going to find out?


Teacher Maya Stepney looks set to get herself into deep trouble after kissing teenager Jacob Gallagher on tonight’s episode of Emmerdale. The pair locked lips in a cliffhanger scene after Jacob admitted that he’d fabricated his relationship with Liv in order to make Maya jealous. As Jacob said that he’s been silly in acting the way he had, Maya replied: “It’s not silly. You are a lovely, sensitive, mature young man and I’m very flattered that you feel like that.”


And yet despite telling him that a romance between them couldn’t happen because she’s dating his dad, Maya still ended up kissing her young admirer, only to then immediately regret her actions. Monday’s episode of the ITV soap ended with Maya saying, “Jacob, I’m so sorry” before fleeing the room.

Horrified at having made a move on Jacob, Maya will next be seen trying to shut down a potentially scandalous end to her career by making it clear that she could lose her job and be tarnished by the shame if anybody found out what happened.


Of course, this isn’t the first time the twosome have snogged, but Jacob was the one who stunned Maya before by impulsively kissing her on the lips on her birthday, whereas this time the roles are reversed, which could have far more serious consequences.

After Maya announces that she’ll move out and end thing with David if that’s what it takes, Jacob reveals how guilty he feels at the thought of upsetting his stepfather and the pair make the bold decision to tell Mr Metcalfe everything…

But will they really go through with admitting the inappropriate indiscretion, knowing the damage it could do? And was the kiss really spontaneous on Maya’s part, or could she be slowly, secretly grooming the schoolboy and messing with his emotions?


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