Cain confronts Graham as he learns the truth about Joe’s death in Emmerdale

A big secret is out, but the game of cat and mouse continues

Emmerdale, Graham Foster, Cain Dingle

The deadly secret linking Emmerdale‘s Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) and Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) threatened to explode on Friday 30 November as the pair faced off over a huge secret Graham had been keeping over the ‘murder’ of Joe Tate (Ned Porteous) which Cain believes he is responsible for.


Just 24 hours after Cain’s killer wife Moira Dingle (Natalie J Robb) warned Graham to leave her family alone after almost revealing to Cain’s daughter Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb) the truth about Joe’s disappearance on the day he was due to marry her, the feisty female farmer decided it was high time she came clean to her other half about something she and the brooding butler had kept from him, and which Graham was blackmailing Moira with.

Moira admitted Graham played her a heartbreaking voicemail left by Joe shortly before he died confirming he was actually returning to the village to marry Debbie, and was prepared to face cruel Kim Tate (Claire King) who had forced Graham to kill her stepgrandson for double crossing her if he didn’t leave.

Deciding he loved Debbie too much to abandon her, the voice message confirmed Joe had come back to bravely face the music when Cain saw him with Graham outside Home Farm and delivered what he believes to be the fatal punch that killed him.


Of course that didn’t end Joe’s life as viewers know he was still alive when Graham, having agreed to dispose of the body, bundled him in the boot of his car, and while it’s still ambiguous as to what Joe’s final fate was, Cain did NOT kill him – though Graham has him still believing he did, which he is gleefully holding over the tortured Dingle and the full story remains hidden.

Will Cain kill Graham after this latest revelation?

Reeling from the realisation he unwittingly ruined Deb’s chance of a happy ending with Joe, Cain manned up and did what Moira did yesterday – marched over to Home Farm to have it out with Graham. Dishevelled from yet another booze session to numb the pain of what really happened to his precious Joe, gruesome Graham was goaded by Cain who refused to be held to ransom any more and threatened that if he tried to destroy him, they’d both go down.

But Graham grunted he had nothing to lose and even dared Cain he could only be silenced by being killed, “Like you killed Joe? But have you got the guts?” This fighting talk led Cain to issue one final warning to the enigmatic manservant: “Stay away from me and my family. I’m not going to warn you again…”


That last statement seems unlikely as the men will no doubt have more showdowns until Debbie discovers  – if she ever does – her father’s part in Joe’s disappearance. If Graham does tell her, surely it would be the end for Cain and Debbie? Or could’s prediction that murderous Moira may be pushed to kill again (she’s already bumped off sinister sister-in-law Emma Barton) and silence Graham permanently to protect her husband?


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