Chas throws Paddy out – Emmerdale couple in shock split

What did Pollard's tragic secret have to do with Chas's decision?


Emmerdale‘s Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) and Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) seem to be over for good after the landlady threw her partner out accusing him of not grieving properly for their baby daughter Grace.


Thursday 22 November’s emotional double bill put the pair at odds as Paddy laid on a surprise romantic meal for his partner hoping they could get back on track, only for Chas to misconstrue her other half wanted to try for another baby and forget about Grace, who tragically lived for a matter of minutes due to a rare condition that saw her kidneys and bladder fail to develop in the womb.

Harshly telling Paddy he was acting like he didn’t care about their daughter, the fierce row spread out from the backroom of the Woolpack into the bar and raging Chas threw everyone out before angrily trashing the Christmas tree and ripping down the decorations.

What big secret did Pollard reveal to Chas?

Surprisingly it was Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) who comforted Chas, returning to the bar and opening up about the stillborn son he and his first wife Eileen had 40 years ago – a fact the veteran character had never discussed in his 32 years on the show.

Admitting their different ways of coping with the tragedy and lack of communication was the beginning of the end of his marriage, Pollard warned Chas not to let the same thing happen to her and Paddy’s relationship. As Paddy sent Chas a text asking her to meet him at the bridge, the couple met for a much calmer discussion than their earlier showdown.


However, as Paddy tried to reconcile them, tearful Chas admitted their opposing attitudes to grieving for Grace had caused too wide a rift between them – and told him he had to move out…

Could the pain of losing Grace be too much for them to deal with? Are Chas and Paddy finished, ripped apart by their devastating death of their child?


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