Jacob makes sex confession on Emmerdale tonight

But is he telling the truth about what he's doing?

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A jealous Jacob Gallagher will lie on Emmerdale tonight when he says that he’s having sex with Liv Flaherty.


As we know, there is no relationship between Jacob and Liv, but the troubled teen makes the claim because he’s envious of dad David’s romance with schoolteacher Maya Stepney. But what fallout will there be from Jacob’s worrying claim? Will Liv’s brother Aaron find out about the news? And what reaction can Jacob expect to get from Maya?

Jacob’s actions have already become a cause for concern thanks to his growing attraction to Maya, with last week’s episodes seeing him kiss her on the lips on the occasion of her birthday.

Jacob on Emmerdale

In the aftermath, fans saw Jacob ask Maya if she’d consider leaving his dad for him. But her refusal to give him an answer left Emmerdale viewers wondering whether Maya is now set to groom Jacob. One user of Twitter wrote: “People are disgusted with the Maya/Jacob plotline but personally I think it’s important to show that child grooming is a real issue and it doesn’t just have to be men that do it.”

Another added: “The Jacob/Maya storyline creeps me out. The way they are portraying Maya is so uncomfortable to watch – it’s an incredible story to tell.”


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