Grieving Chas trashes the Woolpack in new Emmerdale meltdown

Is this it for her and Paddy?

Chas (Lucy Pargeter) on Emmerdale

Chas and Paddy will reach breaking point on next week’s Emmerdale when the pair have a massive argument that ends up being witnessed by all the Woolpack regulars.


As viewers have already seen, Chas is getting increasingly concerned about partner Paddy’s inability to express his feelings following the death of their daughter Grace. And next week’s episodes will see the pub landlady confide her worries in Lydia, while Paddy frets to Marlon about the growing distance between him and Chas.

Marlon assures Paddy that it will all work out and they start planning an impromptu meal for Chas. But fans can expect the candlelit-surprise to backfire in scenes to be shown on Thursday 22 November.


As the evening descends into bitterness and acrimony, Chas starts to vent her anger at Paddy, with their row spilling out into the bar. As everyone awkwardly leaves the Woolpack, the tensions escalate and Chas ends up ordering Paddy to leave.

Once alone, she then rips down the Christmas decorations in the pub before sinking to the floor in tears. However, help looks set to come from an unexpected source when Eric Pollard reaches out to Chas and opens up about his own sad past.

Paddy, meanwhile, gets comforted over at Tall Trees by Marlon, who tries to advise him as to what he should do next. But is Paddy’s relationship with Chas now beyond repair?

Speaking recently about whether they’ll get through their struggles, actor Dominic Brunt said: “Paddy is frightened of opening up. He’s coming across as very cold, but the thought of opening up frightens the life out of him because he thinks he’ll make a mess of the relationship.

“But there’s now a risk that their relationship might not survive. It’s a rocky road ahead for them.”


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