Emmerdale: Debbie to search for missing Joe, reveals Charley Webb

“He has literally vanished, and she wants to know exactly what’s happened…”

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Emmerdale’s Debbie Dingle has had quite the week, ending tonight (Friday 12 October) with her arrest for arranging the acid attack on Ross Barton and finally confessing her full involvement in the crime to the cops.


She was also jilted by lover Joe Tate, who abandoned his bride to be after stepgranny Kim ordered his murder for double crossing her and trying to swindle the bad girl out of Home Farm and the family fortune.

Debbie believes Joe ran out on her after Kim was revealed as the true power behind the Tate throne, but has no idea he’s – possibly – dead. A punch from protective dad Cain knocked Joe unconscious and Graham Foster declared him dead at the scene, but viewers later saw Joe was still alive before Graham mysteriously despatched him to an unknown fate.

RadioTimes.com chatted to Charley Webb and asked if her alter ego will ever learn the truth about Joe’s demise – and her father’s part in it…


How will Debbie react if she discovers Joe could be dead and Cain thinks he killed him?
I don’t know, it will be interesting if it ever does come out. It will definitely change Debbie and Cain’s relationship and will be hard to forgive. Maybe Debbie could’ve dealt with it had Cain told her from the start, even though she would’ve been angry and upset.

Will Debbie try and look for Joe?
Yes, I’m playing that now that she’s searching for him so that’s going to last for a while. He literally vanished so she thinks it’s really odd, so she wants to know exactly what happened. She doesn’t for one minute think he’s been hurt and rather than her being upset he left she’s more angry, which has been refreshing to play. She has to be strong as Sarah is so heartbroken.

Is she suspicious of Cain and Graham covering something up?
Well Cain’s not supposed to know anything in terms of Graham probably being the one who got rid of Joe in the end, so everyone’s gong along with what they already know at this point. Whichever way you look at it, Cain hasn’t killed him, because we saw his finger twitch in the boot. Joe is either still alive or Graham killed him.


Would you like her to be single for a while?
That would be great, yes! You don’t need to be with someone to be complete, it would be interesting for Debbie to be on her own with the kids and her dad and that’s it. She’s better off without a man for the moment.

Kim’s son James Tate may be introduced, could he be Debbie’s next love interest?
No, I think that’s a bit obvious. They’ll probably do it now I’ve said that! I guess it would be interesting but I don’t think she’d go near the son of this random woman who’s come to the village and destroyed her life, it would just be stupid. Maybe she turns the table and strings James along then dumps him!


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