Emmerdale: see Rebecca’s tense showdown with Lachlan – will she discover his latest wicked deed?

Are Lachlan's crimes about to be exposed?

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Rebecca White looks set to discover Lachlan White’s latest evil deed in this week’s Emmerdale – but will she end up paying the ultimate price? As has recently been revealed, Lachlan is to target Liv Flaherty after coming to the conclusion that he’s behind the texts threatening to expose his crimes.

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Viewers will tonight see Lachlan secretly tampering with the carbon monoxide detector at Mill Cottage, so that both Liv and Robert Sugden are unwittingly exposed to deadly fumes leaking into the house.  But, as this sneak-peek scene released by the soap shows, Rebecca is set to turn up and barge her way inside!

Speaking about the possibility of Lachlan being driven to add Rebecca to his increasingly high body count, actor Thomas Atkinson said recently: “Lachlan wants to think if it came to it, he could kill Rebecca, but I believe he’d struggle to do it. Everything for him is about family at this point – Rebecca is one of the last of his family he has left, he wouldn’t want to kill her…”

All we know at this stage is that Lachlan will then be seen standing by his car clutching a bloody spanner having bundled his latest victim into the boot – but who has met a sticky end at the toxic teen’s hand?


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