Emmerdale: Chas has health fears for her unborn baby – watch the scene

Is there going to be bad news for Chas?

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 12.43.56

Chas Dingle will be left fearing the worst on next week’s Emmerdale when she attends a baby scan. Chas will be seen having to attend the appointment on her own after realising at the last minute that she has her dates mixed up.


Thrown into a panic when she discovers that her scan is today rather than tomorrow, she heads off after failing to locate Paddy in time. Later, at the hospital, all initially appears to be well and Chas is overjoyed to be told that her baby is a girl.

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But when the sonographer suddenly falls silent before admitting that she has “concerns” about what she’s seeing on the screen, Chas is filled with dread. Could something be wrong with her and Paddy’s unborn child?


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