Emmerdale: watch Joe Tate’s deadly quarry jump in new video

Actor Ned Porteous takes us behind the scenes of this week's big drama


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Emmerdale -Ep 8139

Thursday 3rd May April 2018 - 1st Ep

Noah Tate [JACK DOWNHAM] turns up keen to hang out with his big brother. A few days later, Noah asks Joe to take him to the places he hung out with their dad. He reads Joe Tate’s [NED PORTEOUS] awkwardness as hesitance and storms off. Joe grabs a mountain bike to go after him. Noah rides his bike through the woods with Joe in pursuit. They end up at the edge of a quarry, chucking stones into the water as Joe approaches. They soon share their thoughts and it’s emotional as they bond. Noah dares Joe to jump off the edge and Joe impulsively does it. When he doesn’t resurface, Noah’s left terrified his brother is dead… 

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Emmerdale has released a sneak-peek look at Joe Tate dicing with death in this week’s episodes when he makes a potentially deadly quarry jump.


In a new video, actor Ned Porteous takes us behind the scenes on the ITV soap’s location shoot in Chorley where he (or rather, his stuntman) makes the leap into icy water from a great height.

Leap of faith: Behind the scenes

EXCLUSIVE: How far would you go to prove yourself? Ned Porteous takes us behind the scenes of Joseph's jump… #EmmerdaleVoted yet? http://bit.ly/2IuOR55

Posted by Emmerdale on Friday, April 27, 2018

The upcoming drama sees Joe take sibling Noah up on a dangerous dare. “Joe is trying to impress his brother. That’s definitely part of why he jumps,” says Porteous. “Plus he also has a fear of heights, so he wants to see if he can do it for himself.”


The trouble is that, following the plunge, Joe doesn’t resurface and Noah is left terrified that his brother is dead. So has the village businessman come to a watery end?

One thing’s for certain: despite the peril and high drama on screen, the Emmerdale team enjoyed their chance to visit a new location for the tense scenes.

“We got to take the whole crew over the Pennines. And it’s always fun going somewhere else because it feels like a school trip,” says Porteous. “Everyone was in really good spirits. Even though it was freezing, it was still a good time.”


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