Emmerdale: Tracy keeps Megan and Graham’s sex secret – but for how long?

The future Mrs Frank Clayton is given a warning


Megan Macey’s lusty liaison with Graham Foster was rumbled in tonight’s Emmerdale by Tracy Metcalfe, but in a surprising twist she agreed to keep her stepmom-to-be’s sex secret despite Megan being engaged to her dad.


Unlikely couple Megan and Graham enjoyed a surprise hook-up yesterday, after the brunette businesswoman mistakenly thought her fella Frank Clayton was cheating on her and bedded the brooding butler by way of revenge.

However, Megan had no reason to be scorned as she’d got the wrong end of the stick entirely and Frank was actually building up to a proposal.

Gossiping in the ladies’ at the Woolpack tonight, canny Tracy clocked the atmosphere between Megan and Graham and jokingly accused her newly-engaged pal of fancying him – with Ms Macey’s awkwardness leading disgusted Trace to deduce their dalliance.

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Furious at the betrayal to her father, Tracy threatened if Megan didn’t confess immediately than she would. But back out in front of the punters, Megan stalled as she didn’t want to humiliate her man in public then squirmed as infatuated Frank gave a heartfelt speech about how much he loved his fiancee.

This took the wind out of Tracy’s sails somewhat as when Megan tried to get a quiet word with Frank to come clean, Trace interrupted and stopped her future stepmother from telling all and gave her own speech about her hopes for the couple’s happy future – but with a veiled threat to a visibly relieved Megan to ensure she makes Frank happy.

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Later, the women had a secret chat outside the pub where Tracy revealed she’s reluctantly prepared to forgive Megan’s mistake and stopped her confessing so as not to break Frank’s heart, then warned the wedding planner never to go near Graham again or she’d let the cat out of the bag.

Now they’ve acted on their unexpected chemistry once, will there be more indiscretions between Megan and Graham? Would Tracy really carry out her threat to ruin Frank’s bubble of happiness if Ms Macey puts a foot wrong? Something tells us Megan’s big day is doomed already – what a pity, seeing as she’s a wedding planner and probably entitled to all sorts of discounts…


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