Emmerdale’s Joe Tate killed off in shock quarry jump?

Actor Ned Porteous reveals why Joe is risking his life


Joe Tate is dicing with death again in next week’s Emmerdale when he takes sibling Noah up on a dangerous dare. The drama comes after the pair have falling out and Joe gives chase after Noah who has hared off on his bike.


“Noah is under the assumption that Joe is just using him, so he rides off into the woods. Joe follows on in hot pursuit and the two of them find themselves at a quarry,” explains actor Ned Porteous.

It’s here that the two brothers have a heart to heart and end up bonding as they chuck stones into the water below. But then comes the moment when Noah challenges Joe to jump off the edge of the quarry – and Joe impulsively does it.

“Joe is trying to impress his brother. That’s definitely part of why he jumps,” continues the star. “Plus he also has a fear of heights, so he wants to see if he can do it for himself.”


The trouble is that, following the plunge, Joe doesn’t resurface and Noah is left terrified that his brother is dead. So has the village businessman come to a watery end?


One thing’s for certain: despite the peril and high drama on screen, the Emmerdale team enjoyed their chance to visit a new location for the tense scenes.

“We got to take the whole crew over the Pennines to Chorley. And it’s always fun going somewhere else because it feels like a school trip,” says Porteous. “Everyone was in really good spirits. Even though it was freezing, it was still a good time.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Emmerdale below


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