Emmerdale verdict: Liv’s court case sentence leaves Aaron fuming – and Joe gloating

Will the Dingles appeal?


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Emmerdale - Ep 8124

Monday 16th April 2018

At court, Liv’s [ISOBEL STEELE] new solicitor arrives and everyone’s thrown when he won’t allow Lisa to speak on her behalf. Liv’s barely holding it together as she and Gabby Thomas [ROSIE BENTHAM] are called in. In the courtroom, Gabby’s defence gives a convincing speech as Liv’s solicitor sifts through his notes, clearly not up to speed. Liv’s left boiling when he gets her name wrong and mentions Gordon. Gabby gives a repentant apology, but an upset Liv can’t bring herself to speak up.  Will both girls get the same justice?

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Liv Flaherty has been sentenced to four months in Young Offenders on tonight’s Emmerdale, after Joe Tate schemed to put her behind bars.


While Gabby was given a Youth Referral Order (which will result in her doing community service), Liv received a harsher verdict after her solicitor – who had been drafted in at the last minute – made a series of blunders.

Clearly not up to speed, Liv’s legal representative got her name wrong in court and mentioned her abusive father, all of which left the beleaguered teen feeling so upset that she couldn’t bring herself to speak up.

With the judge perceiving the silence as a lack of remorse, a custodial sentence was handed out, all of which left both Aaron and Zak fuming with Lisa for reporting Liv in the first place. Cliffhanger scenes even saw Zak blaming Lisa for ruining Liv’s life!


What the Dingles don’t yet know, though, is that Joe Tate is responsible for making sure that Liv’s original solicitor got assigned to another case. After it transpired that Louise was, in fact, an old acquaintance of Joe’s, the village businessman wasted little time in criticising Liv and the Dingles.

With Louise then departing the scene, Liv’s fate was then left in the hands of her eleventh-hour replacement, whose ineptitude resulted in substandard legal representation.

Emmerdale fans will now have to wait to find out if Joe’s machinations will be exposed and whether the Dingles will find the funds to appeal the court’s decision…

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