Emmerdale: does Charity have a secret son?

Her tragic past continues to unfold…

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Emmerdale has teased there is much more to Charity Dingle’s traumatic past as it was hinted the traumatised landlady was hiding another huge secret – has she got a son she was forced to give away?


Yesterday’s epic hour-long episode featured a heartbreaking confession from Charity to girlfriend Vanessa Woodfield about how she suffered sexual abuse from corrupt cop Mark Bails when she was a teenage prostitute, leading concerned Vanessa to report the historic incident behind Ms Dingle’s back.

Charity fumed tonight when the police knocked on the door to follow up Vanessa’s call, but managed to convince them there’d been a mistake and put them off the scent – fuming at Vanessa once the cops had left for going against her wishes and betraying her trust.

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Their relationship in tatters, self-destructing Charity reverted to type and threw herself at a flirtatious punter in the pub, but as he put the moves on her she flipped and threw him out, unleashing a vitriolic tirade about how sick men try to use her.

Concerned Vanessa turned up having heard Charity was making a show of herself and begged forgiveness – and tried to get her to face up to the ordeal that has haunted her since childhood before she fully spiralled into self-destruction.

Spitefully telling Vanessa to leave her alone and that she didn’t tell her the half of what she’d been through, Charity stormed upstairs to her bedroom. Taking out a mysterious box, she opened it up to reveal it contained clothes and toys seemingly intended for a newborn baby – holding a tiny blue hat she wept as her tough facade fell.

Does this intriguing scene mean Charity fell pregnant as a result of being raped by Bails, just a few years after she gave birth to daughter Debbie which saw her cast out by her family? Did she have a baby boy and abandon it? Or did the baby not make it and she’s been emotionally damaged by losing a child all these years?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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