Emmerdale: Ross’s drug addiction puts his son in danger

Is tragedy about to strike for the troubled Mr Barton next week?

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Ross Barton’s growing addiction to painkillers spirals out of control in Emmerdale next week, and his young son Moses could end up paying the price…


Concerned Rhona Goskirk checks in with the scarred Barton boy about whether he’s seen a doctor over his growing reliance on painkillers following his recent acid attack that left him with agonising, life-changing scars.


Ross isn’t completely truthful with his friend and convinces her he’s seeking professional help, while secretly struggling with his need for medication and shaken self-confidence as he adjusts to the effect his scars are having.

As Rhona feels guilty for hiding Ross’s secret addiction from her fella, Ross’s brother Pete, Ross attends an appointment with Dr Cavanagh who tells him he’s healing well. But Ross tries to conceal his torment when the doc refuses to prescribe more pills, and wonders how he’s going to cope when his current stash runs out.

Later, back at home, riled Ross is preoccupied with the possibility of running low on painkillers as he prepares lunch for Moses – but he’s too distracted to notice the little lad playing with a packet of his dad’s tablets… Will Ross stop his son before something terrible happens?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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