Emmerdale reveals Charity was raped by corrupt cop – who’s now helping Tracy

Charity confided in Vanessa she was groomed and assaulted by DS Bails when she was 14


Emmerdale has finally revealed Charity Dingle’s tragic secret – she was raped by corrupt cop DS Mark Bails when she was a 14-year-old prostitute.


In tonight’s hour-long episode Charity recounted the dark corner of her past she had never shared with anyone to stunned girlfriend Vanessa Woodfield.

Shaken by Tracy Metcalfe’s soliciting past coming back to haunt her thanks to ex-punter Phil’s blackmail attempt, Charity comforted her friend as Phil was sentenced to four years in prison, but the pub landlady was shocked to learn DS Bails was the police officer helping Tracy in the case.


Later opening up to Vanessa about how she was forced into sex work as a teenager after being thrown out of the family home following the birth of daughter Debbie, Charity recounted how kindly young cop Bails had initially seemed like a saviour to her and the other girls who found themselves on the street and kept them safe.

But Bails was grooming vulnerable teens for his own sick ends and soon became controlling and violent, resulting in Charity being sexually assaulted by the awful officer when she was just 14.

Vanessa praised her partner for staying so strong all these years and vowed she would help her bring Bails to justice – but Charity refused to go to the police, explaining she reported the rape at the time and it was covered up and she didn’t want to rake up her past and risk her abuser’s wrath.

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Urging Charity to speak out so other women who’ve had similar experiences might come forward and put Bails behind bars, Vanessa was surprised at her resistance and devastated when she was thrown out, with Charity seemingly regretting telling her.

Alarmed by sister Tracy’s praise of Bails throughout the case, Vanessa ended the episode going against Charity’s wishes and reporting the historic abuse to the police – but how will Ms Dingle react to her lover’s actions? And will Vanessa’s attempt to do the right thing only make things worse?

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