Emmerdale reveals Tracy’s tormentor is creepy Phil’s daughter

Teen tearaway Lara is behind the hate campaign ahead of her dad's trial

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Emmerdale’s Tracy Metcalfe discovered who has been tormenting her with abusive messages and vandalism in tonight’s episode – Lara, the daughter of Tracy’s blackmailer Phil who recently exposed her seedy prostitution past to husband David.


Tracy’s decision to report creepy Phil to the police may have led to the horrid handyman facing court later this week for his sleazy antics, but it’s also destroyed her and David’s marriage and left Tracy an open target for pot shots from a judgemental public.

This evening’s episode saw shaken Tracy receive a poison pen letter from someone determined to punish her for taking Phil to task, and she later caught a teenage girl spraying ‘lying whore’ in graffiti on the door of Farrer’s Barn.


Confronting the kid, she revealed herself as Phil’s daughter Lara and had come to the village to teach Tracy a lesson for ruining her dad’s life. Tracy endured a tirade of venom from Lara who blamed Mrs Metcalfe for wrecking her family, revealing her mum had thrown Phil out and accused her of lying about her dad’s deplorable treatment of women.

Charity Dingle clocked the commotion and leapt to her neighbour’s defence, raging at speechless Lara that her dad was a sleazy bully who forced Tracy into prostitution.

Terrified Lara ran off, and Tracy, though grateful, was rattled by the severity of Charity’s reaction. Later this week, the incident unlocks a painful memory from Charity’s past and she confides in girlfriend Vanessa Woodfield something she has never shared with anyone else – but how is it related to Phil? And has Tracy seen the last of Lara?

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