Emmerdale feud: Robert angers Joe as he turns the tables – first look pic

And it was all going so well between the boys…

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The truce between Robert Sugden and Joe Tate in Emmerdale looks like it’s over already, as the rivals are heading for a dramatic showdown tonight in which Robert goes back on the deal he made with his nemesis to save boyfriend Aaron Dingle’s life.


Last night’s double bill saw Robert desperately try and raise the ransom to release Aaron from being held hostage by ex-con Syd, who was blackmailing the pair for their involvement in springing Adam Barton from prison earlier this year.


Begging wealthy Joe Tate for help was his last hope, and Robert was forced to sign over his share in the haulage firm and ownership of his house to the Home Farm hunk, making him financially beholden to his least favourite person in the village.

But from a new picture just released by Emmerdale from tonight, Joe barely gets the chance to enjoy his power over the sly Sugden as Robert confronts Joe at the scrapyard and tears up the paperwork from their deal!

Was the whole thing a clever ploy orchestrated by Robert, and he never actually signed anything over to Joe? Or is Robert instantly regretting getting into bed (metaphorically speaking, don’t worry Robron fans) with his arch-enemy and is going back on their agreement, despite the obvious risks of reigniting their furious feud?

Tune in to Emmerdale tonight at 7pm on ITV to see how Joe reacts to having the tables turned. We predict it’s not going to go very well…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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